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WATCH: Inverness residents 'worn down' due to severe flooding ruining their homes

By Annabelle Gauntlett

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Road flooded at Cloverfield Park.
Road flooded at Cloverfield Park.

Numerous Inverness residents, from Cloverfield Park, have been left 'disheartened' after their homes were flooded due to the recent rainfall.

Julie and Sean Gordon have lived in their home in Cloverfield Park for 15 years, however every year without fail, their home and street are severely flooded, which ends up costing them thousands of pounds to redecorate.

Whilst Julie and her family say they have continuously reported the flooding along their street to Highland Council and Scottish Water, nothing has been resolved.

The entirety of the street Julie lives in was immersed in water over the course of the week, resulting in her basement bearing the brunt of it.

Each year the Gordons have paid excessive amounts of money for their basement and cupboards to be redecorated due to the water damage, but this time they have demanded something to be done after months of neglect.

Julie said: "It was apparent from the very beginning that when there was any water build up, it would accumulate at the bottom of Cloverfield Park.

"We got into a situation where the council adopted it, and then it was passed over to Scottish Water.

"Nothing has changed since Scottish Water adopted it, if anything it has gotten worse.

"It is a nightmare and a constant worry."

In August 2023 a temporary pump was fitted at the bottom of Cloverfield Park, however, residents have claimed that this was a 'quick fix' and not a 'long-term solution' to the ongoing problem.

When talking about the implications of the pump that sits opposite Julie's house, she said: "The pump is an eyesore, and it's incredibly hazardous as all the children come up the path next to the caged pump to go to school and muck around in there.

"It is so dangerous as there are pipes everywhere."

Whilst the street was fitted with new drains six years ago, no difference has been made as the torrential rain continues to run down the hill and flood their homes.

Julie continued: "There is an entire river that has been flowing down into our drainage system and flooding everywhere as it's just too much pressure for the drains to cope with."

Despite their numerous attempts to have the drains pumped, the water continued to overfill because of the build up of debris and subsequently leaked into their homes.

For years Julie and her family have endured awful water damage in their home, costing them thousands in repairs.

She said: "A lot of the water damage is in my cupboards and basement.

"The last time we had to put dehumidifiers in the room permanently as we have a stone floor and it didn't have anywhere to go.

"So, unless this is fixed then it's just going to keep happening."

Sean and Julie's basement is now unusable and they are fearful of the damp and mould that could have developed.

After battling the situation for years, Julie feels 'worn down' due to the uncertainty of the problem and growing in concern due to the current climate.

She said: "My family have had health problems recently and I have enough to deal with, without the hassle of chasing Scottish Water.

"It is just so disheartening and tiring.

"I just feel like I am going back to the situation time and time and time again.

"I'm so worn down."

Julie has tirelessly tried to contact Scottish Water to get the issue resolved, however is consistently told that it is 'under investigation'.

She said: "Whenever I explain the situation to Scottish Water I am told that their inspection team are dealing with it, but nobody has phoned or contacted us to see if we are alright or to see if we have any damage.

"There just doesn't seem to be a solution being made that I am aware of."

A spokesperson from Scottish Water said: “Our investigation into the surface water flooding problems that have affected customers at Cloverfield Park is making progress.

"The nature of the underground surface water storage system which was installed by the developer makes inspection and maintenance more challenging than is typically the case.

"However, we are assessing options for a long-term solution.

“In the interim, we have put temporary arrangements in place that have been operating to protect residents from flooding.

"Unfortunately, the ‘emergency stop’ on a temporary pump, which forms a key part of these arrangements, was recently used on an unauthorised basis and this caused a recurrence of flooding. The pump is designed only to operate when required, in very wet weather conditions, and we have made further efforts to prevent it being accessed by members of the public.

"If there are any concerns about the pump, we would ask customers to contact us on 0800 077 8778 so that we can respond."

They continued: “We recognise the disruption and distress that flooding causes – and also the frustration that affected customers feel when there is not an immediate solution.

"We are seeking to identify a way forward, while ensuring that the temporary arrangements that have been in place can operate safely and successfully in the meantime.”

The residents now believe that the drainage system needs to be reinstated as 'it clearly isn't fit for purpose'.

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