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WATCH: Inverness residents 'heartbroken' due to severe flooding causing horrendous damage their homes

By Annabelle Gauntlett

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Some Inverness residents have been left 'heartbroken' after their homes were flooded over the weekend.

Julie and Sean Gordon have lived in their home in Cloverfield Park for 17 years, however, every year without fail, their home and street are severely flooded, which ends up costing them thousands of pounds to redecorate.

Whilst Julie and her family say they have continuously reported the flooding along their street to Highland Council and Scottish Water, nothing has been resolved.

The entirety of the street Julie lives on was covered in water over the course of the weekend, resulting in her basement being flooded yet again.

Each year the Gordons have paid excessive amounts of money for their basement and cupboards to be redecorated due to the water damage, but this year they have demanded that something must be done.

Sean said: "With each successive year that we have been here, the council have told us that things were being dealt with and that the issue would be fixed, but the years have just gone by and nothing has been done."

Whilst the street was fitted with new drains six years ago, no difference has been made as the torrential rain continues to run down the hill and flood their homes.

Sean continued: "There is an entire river that has been flowing down into our drainage system and flooding everywhere as it's just too much pressure for the drains to cope with."

Despite their numerous attempts to have the drains pumped, the water continued to overfill because of the build up of debris and subsequently leaked into their homes.

The couple said: "Most years we have had to do the redecoration ourselves due to the damage, but we have just had enough! This is costing us too much in the long run and it's needs to be dealt with."

The family have suffered the burden of these floods for years, and have recently had to spend hundreds of pounds to re-floor their basement, in addition to being forced to use a dehumidifier to reduce the damage to the walls.

Extreme flooding at Cloverfield Park in Inverness
Extreme flooding at Cloverfield Park in Inverness

However, the Gordons aren't the only family who have endured this problem, as their neighbour Theresa Mackenzie said she is 'worried sick' when a weather warning is issued.

Theresa said: "I've now got sandbags by my garage, as if it gets to that point of severe flooding then at least I've got some kind of protection.

"With the weather the way it is at the moment, you never know when you're going to get these floods and they seem to be a lot worse than what they have ever been recently, so its really crucial that we get it sorted."

Both families said that they were 'heartbroken' since seeing their homes being continuously damaged each year.

Julie said: "It is sole destroying because we try to keep our house nice and we love our home, so we don't want to leave, but it is heartbreaking."

Sean and Julie's basement is now unusable, resulting in their son not being able to use the space any more as they are fearful of the damp and mould that could have developed.

The residents now believe that the drainage system needs to be re-instated as 'its clearly isn't fit for purpose.'

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