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Inverness schoolboy celebrates his fourth leap year birthday

By Annabelle Gauntlett

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Liam celebrating his fourteenth birthday.
Liam celebrating his fourteenth birthday.

Liam Birnie (16), from Inverness is celebrating his fourth leap year birthday today and plans to celebrate the special occasion with his loved ones in Inverness.

Initially Liam's mum, Nicole Birnie, wasn't keen to give birth to her son on February 29, as she didn't want him to miss out on having an official birthday each year, but 'didn't have a choice in the matter'.

She said: "We weren't particularly keen to have him on the 29th, but it just so happened that I went into labour on the 28th and gave birth on the 29th.

"It was surreal, especially when it came to his first birthday that wasn't his official first birthday!"

Growing up, Liam celebrated two birthday's as his family were unable to collectively decide which day should be his unofficial birthday.

Liam and his family at Disney Land.
Liam and his family at Disney Land.

Nicole said: "We have the same debate every year, because I think he should celebrate on March 1, because he was always going to be born the day after March 28, but my husband says that because he has a February birthday he should celebrate before March.

"Because of this, we would celebrate both February 28 and March 1, but we would just give him half his presents on each of the days."

While Nicole does all she can to make each year special for Liam, she struggles with the thought of him not having an official birthday every year.

She said: "It is a difficult one because I feel a wee bit guilty as he doesn't get an actual birthday every year, so we have to try and pick a day.

"But, when we are able to celebrate his birthday on March 29, we do make it extra special.

"We always make it a bigger deal for him with birthday balloons, a really special cake and everyone comes round for a dinner picked by him.

"We really do try to make it that bit more special because it is only once every four years that he is able to celebrate it."

Liam hasn't yet felt 'hard done by' due to having a leap year birthday, however his mum believes all that will change next year.

Liam Birnie is passionate about cars and keen to become a mechanic.
Liam Birnie is passionate about cars and keen to become a mechanic.

She said: "I think the upside for Liam is that he gets two birthdays every year, except from this year, however one disadvantage is his eighteenth as he won't actually be able to go out until March 1.

"It'll be the same next year, as he won't be able to learn how to drive until March, so he has to wait that bit longer than everyone else.

"All these things nobody thinks about, as most people will just say to celebrate it on February 28, but legally he can't until March because he wasn't born then."

She added: "I'm sure it will infuriate him next year as he is desperate to learn how to drive and is completely car daft because he wants to be a mechanic.

"He will be jumping the walls waiting for the start of March so he can drive!"

This year the family plans to celebrate Liam to the fullest with a big party to celebrate this very rare and special occasion.

Nicole said: "This year will be really special as there will be no debate as to when his birthday is.

"We always make sure to get him a leap year birthday card so we can celebrate both his sixteenth and fourth birthday.

"It's about making it special and putting in the effort with all the different leap year things we can."

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