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Highland contestant could be murdered next in BBC's The Traitors

By Annabelle Gauntlett

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Tracey (58) and Evie (29) in BBC's The Traitors.
Tracey (58) and Evie (29) in BBC's The Traitors.

Previously on The Traitors, 22 players arrived at a Scottish castle to play the ultimate murder mystery game in the hope of winning up to £120,000.

But, concealed amongst them are the traitors, whose job is to secretly murder the others without getting caught. And if they make it to the end, they will take all of the money.

As the deception continued with Ross (28) and Diane (63) covering up that they were in fact mother and son, and another faithful, Brian (33), fell, so all was left to play for for the traitors.

The traitors were then tasked to condemn four contestants into the dungeon where one would be 'murdered' (eliminated from the contest) that night.

The traitors took a strategic risk as they chose Ash (45), Andrew (45), Paul (36) and Meg (22) to be condemned to the wet, cold and unpleasant dungeon.

However, an unexpected vote to save Andrew using a shield the team won in the challenge threw the traitors' plans into disarray.

Because two of the condemned were traitors, Meg was the only one left to be 'murdered', as a traitor can't kill another traitor, but they can banish them.

Fellow traitors Paul and Harry (22) deceitfully lured Ash into a trap that would subsequently leave her banished from the castle.

Highland faithful contestants, Evie (29) and Tracey (58) were the first to guess Ash as a deceitful traitor, but how would they react when they found out they were right all along?

Tonight's episode kicked off with Ash's grand reveal, to which the rest of the contestants jumped to their feet with joy after eliminating their first traitor from the game.

At breakfast the remaining contestants were almost certain that Paul had been murdered, but little did they know he couldn't be because he was a traitor.

When the players discovered that Meg had been murdered, they started questioning Paul's authenticity and if he was a genuine faithful. Was Paul's web of deceitful lies crumbling?

Evie was quick to spot Paul as a traitor, along with Tracey and Jaz (30).

During the challenge, one player had the opportunity to run for a shield which would subsequently take time out of the mission designed to add money to the prize fund.

Ross ended up winning the shield that would protect him from 'murder' that night after hitting the bull's eye in the challenge.

After another successful challenge, the group managed to add another £10,000 to the prize fund.

It was soon time to banish another contestant, but who would be next to leave the castle forever?

Jonny (31) received the most votes and was the fifth faithful to be banished.

The group were devastated as they gasped with shock after realising that they had been played by the traitors like a puppet on a string.

The episode ended with the three traitors planning who was next on their hit list with Tracey, Diane and Charlotte (32) in the running.

Will Tracey be the first Highland contestant to be eliminated from the game? We will find out tomorrow night.

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