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2 Highland contestants in BBC The Traitors series to guess who is the first traitor

By Annabelle Gauntlett

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Evie and Tracey from BBC's The Traitors series two.
Evie and Tracey from BBC's The Traitors series two.

WARNING: Spoiler alert to anyone who hasn't watched it.

International smash hit BBC TV series The Traitors returned to our screens this week (Wednesday) – and there will be even more Highland interest in series two after a couple of Inverness women were named among the contestants.

Last night's episode was a rollercoaster from start to finish after Miles (36) was recruited as the fourth and final traitor by the other three traitors, Harry (22), Ash (45) and Paul (36).

The traitors made a collective decision to "murder" (eliminate from the game) Aubrey (67) after he became suspicious of the undercover traitors.

That day the group participated in another mission which added £4000 to the prize fund, taking the grand total up to £19,000 so far.

Paul, Anthony (45) and Andrew (45) decided to put themselves in the challenge first by running for the shields that would protect them from the next elimination.

Evie (29) and Tracey (58) from the Highlands have remained faithful throughout the series so far, but seem to be the dark horses of the group as they continue to keep their heads down and suss each character out without becoming overly opinionated.

At the end of episode two, Sonja (66) was banished from the castle after her peers thought she was one of the traitors despite actually being faithful.

All four of the traitors have continued on their cunning path to "murder" each faithful in the bid to win £120,000.

It's now up to the faithful to figure out who the traitors are and banish them from the game.

Tonight's episode started dramatically as the traitors came up with a deceitful plan that would only cause more chaos amongst the group.

Tension grew as all remaining 20 contestants, except the four traitors, arrived at the castle for breakfast to discover that Kyra (21) had been next on the traitors "hit list".

Kyra said: "I am sad. I think in this game you have to strike a balance and for me I maybe didn't strike the balance particularly well in the sense that I was too outspoken and intimidating.

"But one thing I did say to myself if I was selected as a faithful was that I was going to be my authentic self and by doing that I have no regrets."

The other contestants were shocked and disheartened by Kyra's elimination and still baffled as to who could be the traitors.

Tracey said: "I was so happy to have not been 'murdered', I just felt so relieved and thought thank God!"

Evie raised her suspicions about Ash being one of the traitors to Miles and Brian (33) as she said: "Ash was abnormally quiet around the round table last night and seemed really nervous."

Tracey performed a tarot reading on Anthony as a bonding exercise, which only made Ash feel uneasy around her.

Tracey said: "I couldn't get any information out of Ash's energy because she was blocking me and I'm now highly suspicious. I don't trust her in the slightest."

Rumours also started to spread about Paul and Dianne (63) being mother and son, which they discussed together and laughed about.

Dianne said: "I can't believe that it was suggested that Paul is my son, he's about three times taller than me with red hair, he just couldn't be my son.

"But Ross is."

The players soon embarked on their next mission which entailed three teams up against the clock to reach a field of gold.

To get there each team had to follow an individual path and along each route were some locked boxes with questions all about the players.

The challenge was dependent on how well each team-mate knew one another.

However, it wouldn't be The Traitors if there wasn't a twist. Along each path were a collection of scarecrows that represented the possible answers to each question.

Each locked question box opened with the correct scarecrow.

The contestants only had 20 minutes to complete the mission with the chance of three people finding a shield in the final field that would exempt them from elimination that night.

Zack and Jasmine (26) decided to take their time out of the mission to find a shield that protected them from elimination.

The players pulled together at the final hurdle and managed to bag another £8000 to add to the prize fund, bringing it up to £27,000.

Soon all the contestants were back around the round table ready for the next banishment as they voted for who they thought was a traitor.

Tracey was the first to mention Ash's peculiar actions and threw her name into the mix which soon created a domino effect as others came forward with similar suspicions.

As Ash, Brian and Dianne drew in votes as predicted traitors, they had to individually plead their case to the group for a second round of voting.

However Ash's fellow traitors, Harry, Miles and Paul, went behind her back and voted her out along with the majority of the group to maintain their act as faithfuls.

The episode finished on another cliff hanger as to who was going to be banished from the castle next.

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