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2 Highland hopefuls could be next to become traitors in BBC's The Traitors

By Annabelle Gauntlett

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Highland contestants, Tracey and Evie, from The Traitors series two.
Highland contestants, Tracey and Evie, from The Traitors series two.

Previously on The Traitors, 22 players arrived at a Scottish castle to play the ultimate murder mystery game in the hope of winning up to £120,000.

But, concealed amongst them are the traitors, whose job is to secretly murder the others without getting caught. And if they make it to the end, they will take all of the money.

As the traitors killing spree caused havoc and the banishments began, two faithfuls were also keeping a secret of their own as Diane (63) and Ross (28) revealed they were mother and son.

As the prize fund got bigger with each successful challenge, so did opinions as Paul (36) was voted as the most popular in the group and Brain (33) as the group's sheep.

Two Highland faithful contestants, Tracey (58) and Evie (29), were the first to guess Ash (45) as a traitor.

However, last week's episode was left on a cliff hanger as the group were yet to decide who they thought was a traitor and banish them from the castle. Would it be Ash, Diane or Brian?

Tonight's episode started with a bombshell as the group voted Brian out after believing he was a traitor, despite actually being faithful.

Once the group discovered that Brian was in fact a faithful, they were devastated to lose their fourth one.

Tension grew between the traitors after Harry (22) and Paul voted to banish Ash from the castle despite being a part of their deceitful alliance.

As the clocked chimed, the traitors were signalled to action; "murder" (eliminate from the game) another faithful.

While the traitors argued about the most recent banishment, Claudia Winkleman greeted the four of them with a twist to the game.

She announced that there wasn't going to be a murder that night, and instead they were asked to condemn four people and murder one of them the following evening.

Those condemned were set to spend a night in the dungeon, which was cold, wet and unpleasant.

Apart from Zack and Jasmine, who both had shields that would protect them from "murder" in the previous challenge, any of the remaining 18 players could go into the dungeon, including the traitors themselves.

However, the players were given the chance to save one of the four condemned from murder during the challenge.

The traitors voted for Paul, Ash, Andrew and Meg as the four to be condemned into the dungeon, however, Paul was keen to boot Ash out of their alliance and build a web of deceitful lies that would subsequently banish her.

During breakfast Tracey said: "My mind is always in overdrive at breakfast time. I constantly wonder if I am talking to a traitor or sat next to one."

In the challenge, the red team won, which meant they were able to save one of the condemned from getting "murdered" that night.

They decided to save Andrew from the elimination, leaving Paul, Meg and Ash to be "murdered".

It wasn't long before everyone was gathered around the ominous round table to banish another suspected traitor.

This time the majority of the group chose Ash, who was in fact a traitor.

The episode was left on a cliff hanger as to how the group react to identifying their first traitor and anticipation grows as to who will be next to join their ruthless alliance.

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