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YOUR VIEWS: Inverness health stories reaction, praise for panto and less for city Hogmanay

By Gregor White

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Sleeping Beauty was a big hit at Eden Court. Picture: Ewan Wetherspoon
Sleeping Beauty was a big hit at Eden Court. Picture: Ewan Wetherspoon

High praise for Eden Court pantomime

What a marvellous holiday treat for all the family, from eight to 80!

All aspects of the show were of a very high standard, singing and dancing, music, comedy and costumes!

It appealed to all of us – perhaps most obviously to the youngsters.

Inverness can be proud of Eden Court pantomime!

Margot and Finlay Kerr

Drummond Place


Organisation could have been better at the Red Hot Highland Fling. Picture: James Mackenzie
Organisation could have been better at the Red Hot Highland Fling. Picture: James Mackenzie

Embarrassment over organisation at Red Hot do

The Red Hot Highland Hogmanay was great apart from the poor hospitality.

The organisers should have expected a surge in ticket sales on the night as I met so many overseas visitors and English folk who especially came up to experience the dancing and the traditional Highland music.

I was really embarrassed for Inverness for the lack of eateries and bars.

Inverness is now the alternative Hogmanay venue to Edinburgh who charge £23.50 just to stand and look at fireworks and listen to non-Scottish music.

Keith Mackenzie

Maternity services at Raigmore Hospital are set to be expanded.
Maternity services at Raigmore Hospital are set to be expanded.

Approval for maternity expansion

Raigmore Hospital’s almost £9 million maternity unit extension has been given the green light by planners. NHS Highland says its ambitious project would lead to a major expansion in maternity and neonatal care services at the Highlands’ flagship hospital and enable more women from Moray and Caithness to give birth in Inverness.

“Or maybe just have a maternity ward in Caithness. Then women in labour wouldn’t have to travel 120 miles to give birth. The stress having to travel from Caithness to Inverness must be horrendous.” – Alistair Macfarlane

“It needs to be knocked down and a modern hospital built in its place. It must be 50 years old.” – Antonio Wemyss

“Would’ve been better with a separate maternity hospital from Raigmore altogether with SCBU (Special Care Baby
Unit).” – Donna Hooper-Chinskie

“It’s a great as long as they have enough nurses. You can build as many new buildings and put in hundreds of beds, but if you don’t have anyone to run them it’s a waste of time. Hopefully it’ll be a success as is definitely needed.” – Christine Cameron

“I’m sure it’s needed but the whole hospital could do with an overhaul, holes in the floors and walls. In fact it’s not fit for purpose and we could do with a completely new hospital.” – Jan Duncan

“Great news for maternity but really the whole hospital could do with a revamp or even even replaced.” – Hugh Morgan

“They need a whole new hospital with staff for every resource and area. Hundreds stuck on waiting list, children turning adults with no help and then turn to adults with no help, ruined lives.” – Rossana Mcshane

Jessi-Jean MacLennan died aged 20 months.
Jessi-Jean MacLennan died aged 20 months.

Toddler’s death could have been avoided

The death of an Inverness toddler could have been avoided had doctors not missed opportunities to give a correct diagnosis, Inverness Sheriff Court has ruled. Jessi-Jean MacLennan was 20 months old when she died of Wilms tumour, a rare kidney cancer found in children. A fatal accident inquiry heard that despite being taken to the GP’s surgery five times by her concerned mother between July and October 2019, doctors failed to give a correct diagnosis.

“Absolutely devastating and such a wonderful loving family. Sadly the doctors make mistakes. The only ones to lose is the family…. This loss never leaves.” – Jade Taylor

“Heartbreaking for the family and sadly an all too common story I hear now. Doctors are too quick to dismiss patients nowadays or a parent’s intuition.” – Lindsey Anne

“Heartbreaking. My own family have been hit by such tragedy due to medical neglect. My thoughts go to this wee toot’s family.” – Mac Angus

“Poor family, I almost died at that hospital too! Was pregnant back and fore for pain, repeated blood tests, told all normal. Was told they don’t scan at weekends to come back Monday, went back on Monday and I was bleeding internally, ruptured ectopic pregnancy, now can no longer have children.” – Ashley Macfarlane

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