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‘Free parking’ in Inverness street likely to end

By Neil MacPhail

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A ban on pavement parking has been introduced.
A ban on pavement parking has been introduced.

A solution to a long Inverness parking wrangle seems to be approaching.

Residents in Attadale Road have for a considerable time been dismayed that people actually living on the street have difficulty parking close their homes because it was one of the few residential streets in the city that does not have a parking permit system.

The narrow street therefore became “fair game” to motorists from all over looking for free parking near the city centre. Often Attadale Road would be full of cars owned by guests at the many B&Bs in surrounding streets – where parking permits are required.

In an effort to get round this, the Attadale residents worked out a system where one side of the street parked alongside the pavement, while those on the other side would park half on the pavement – still leaving enough space for fire engines and other emergency services vehicles to get through.

A lucky few have drives or run-ins allowing off-street parking.

That system worked quite well in helping Attadale residents find parking despite the competition from “incomers”.

But then the Scottish Government put a spoke in their wheels, by announcing that from February parking on pavements was going to become a nationwide offence earning a stiff fine.

This new situation was discussed at a meeting hosted by Park Community Council on February 1 and it was explained how Highland Council’s permit parking scheme could be implemented provided a majority consensus was in favour of one.

If a majority in favour was confirmed, then Attadale Road residents would be able to buy a permit which they could use anywhere in Permit Parking Zone IVE, which includes seven surrounding streets.

They are Duncraig Street (west), Fairfield Road, Montague Row, Montague Row School Access, Perceval Road, Planefield Road and Ross Avenue.

A Highland Council spokeswoman said: “Our principal traffic officer Shane Manning did attend a productive meeting on February 1, hosted by Park Community Council and some local members.

“He will be presenting options to the community this month with a view to progressing a consensus-based permit scheme.”

Graphic designer Tim Latham, a resident in the area, said: “I have never liked having to park on the pavement, but now that we have to stop because of the new law, moving to parking permits seems the only move in the hope that the situation improves.

“It is a pain not getting a space near your house, but you have to live with it. There are people with mobility issues in the street and they could be hit hardest, and the hospitality people round about too will not be happy at losing free parking for their guests.

“Parking permits is a solution and it will be fairer for everyone.”

Tony Perridge and partner Edith, who have lived in Attadale Road for more than 30 years, have now grown to favour permit parking.

“If everyone who has off-street parking uses their run-ins, then there should be enough space for everyone,” Tony said.

“It might be that the parking permit bays would be a staggered chicane style on either side of the street, and this could help slow down drivers who use Attadale Road as a rat-run.”

A council spokesperson added: “We are visiting as many areas as possible issuing warning notices. When this is completed, we will revisit and issue full penalty charge notices if required. This process will continue through February.”

The council is considering six locations to be exempt from the restrictions – none of which are in Inverness.

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