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DREW HENDRY: They deserve to know how much their service means to us all

By Drew Hendry

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Remembrance Sunday parade. Picture: Alexander Williamson
Remembrance Sunday parade. Picture: Alexander Williamson

Remembrance Day is a day that goes beyond national remembrance; it is a day that brings together our local communities in a shared reflection of our history.

Here in the Highlands, our connection to Remembrance Day is deepened by the military families that have long enriched our communities. This includes the proud service of those in units like the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland (3 SCOTS).

The legacy of Highland Regiments is woven into the fabric of many local families, all with stories of bravery and loss.

This past Sunday, I had the privilege of marching alongside local veterans and laying a wreath, always a moving act that brings home the immense sacrifices made by so many people here and across the world.

It’s a time when we remember the courage of men and women in all our armed forces, as well as the resilience of our communities.

It is a particularly poignant day for the veterans, many of whom march to remember those fallen. Others prefer silent reflection at home.

These brave men and women are living links to our past and the loss felt in our communities. Their stories, often shared over a cup of tea or at local events, aren’t just personal memories – they’re a part of our shared history and will live on for generations.

They deserve our remembrance and gratitude, not just on Remembrance Day but every day, to ensure they know how much their service means to us all.

Our remembrance also extends to civilians impacted by war – the farmers, shopkeepers and teachers whose lives were forever changed. Their quiet sacrifices are a vital part of our history in the Highlands.

These shared experiences remind us of the importance of peace and the strength found in community unity.

We are also reminded of our duty to strive for a world where such sacrifices are no longer a part of our reality.

With remembrance, we pay our respects to everyone touched by war, both in and out of uniform. This time strengthens our collective commitment to peace and unity.

And as we remove our poppies and the silence fades, let’s carry forward the spirit of community and a deep appreciation for the cost of freedom and peace.

In remembering our past, we commit to a future where stories of war and loss are just that – history.

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