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Your Highland life in stars: What does 2023 have in store for you?

By Contributor

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What will 2023 have in store for you?
What will 2023 have in store for you?

These are the Horoscopes for Year Ahead 2023, by Patrick Arundell.

Aries (March 21-April 20)

Your zodiac sign is blessed by two powerful New Moons this year, the first coinciding with the Spring Equinox and the second on April 21, which is also a potent Solar Eclipse, as it combines with the energy of Jupiter, the planet of optimism and fortune.

With the influential North Node also arriving in Aries on July 13, this combination of energies can trigger some powerful new beginnings in 2023. Some parts of your situation can make way because Saturn, the planet of boundaries, enters your sector of completions on March 7. These two strands can be linked as any new starts you have will require you to clear away old energies and potentially, involvements.

Delightfully, Jupiter moves into your sector of everyday money on May 16, which can trigger an improvement in finances. Also, Venus the planet of relating, visits the most romantic part of your situation for an extended four-and-a-half month stay from June 6. Whilst this does go through a retrograde, it could still prove to lead to a fated attraction on June 21 as it links with your ruler Mars. Relationships can be boosted by a second Solar Eclipse in your sector of relating on October 14.

Taurus (April 21-May 21)

As you power into year 2023, you will likely have a strong sense of anticipation. Why? Well, your Solar Return sees your ruler Venus close to the planet of change and transformation, Pluto.

This combination will urge you to feed your senses throughout this year, with travel, new interests and possibly learning to the fore. And with the bruising angle between Uranus in your sign and stern Saturn at an end after two years, a freer vibe will prevail.

With Jupiter the planet of knowledge, travel, adventure, education and publishing also arriving in your sign in the Spring, and a glorious Taurus new Moon linking to vibrant Mars on May 19, this will be the perfect time to get on the front foot in every part of your situation. June 1st could turn out to be especially fortunate as a rare alliance between Jupiter and the North Node combine in your sign.

The Eclipse of April does suggest that the spiritual sphere can take on more importance this year, and that will become clearer from mid-July. If you’ve felt unsettled with where you’re living, improvements and redecoration are possible from June 6, though some Bulls may decide to relocate completely. A new addition to the family is possible. Some friendships may change from March, but this will also see you getting clearer about your guiding principles.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

Your professional situation is primed with possibility from the Spring of this year as Saturn relocates. Whereas uncertainty and tension have been threaded through recent years, now you will be determined to create a clearer pathway forward.

The two Solar Eclipses in 2023 can be very beneficial in helping you to interact skilfully with others and also showcase your sparkling wit and skills. As ever, your ruler Mercury will Retrograde, but this year asks you to use your flexibility and dexterity in ways which bring Earthly improvements. And where you live and how you live there will be major features. You will be looking for tangible results from your ideas and interactions with others. Jupiter can bring an important guide into your life from May, or you might find yourself embracing new healing or spiritual possibilities.

With the graceful energies of Venus providing an added dimension to your relationships from June through to October 9, interactions with siblings, neighbours, community members and online hold much promise. Your New Moon of June 18 does square with dreamy Neptune, yet Saturn’s resolute support will help you to cut through to what’s really key. December 12’s New Moon can see a major relationship development, with things moving quickly.

Cancer (June 22 – July 23)

The year begins with relationships very much to the fore. Venus and Pluto’s conjunction can bring some powerful new perspectives to 2023 or see some exciting new possibilities. As Mercury is Retrograde at this point, your listening skills will be acutely important.

With Mars teasing out old hurts and conflicts for the first quarter of the year, and the planet of structure Saturn’s arrival in your sector of higher truths in March, a fine opportunity to resolve these presents itself. With two glorious New Moons in March and April, the second a Solar Eclipse supporting your ambitions, the year can gain huge momentum when it comes to raising your profile and achieving greater recognition.

Friendships could provide wonderful support from May 16, and the return of the North Node for the first time in eighteen and a half years to Aries may also boost your chances of achieving greater recognition.

Venus’s long journey through Leo from June for four-and-a-half months can also see some welcome news around finances, though if you’re someone with a sweet tooth, it may be more difficult to resist life’s calorific goodies. For some Crabs, a happy home or family news can light up the last quarter of 2023.

What will 2023 have in store for you?
What will 2023 have in store for you?

Leo (July 24 – August 23)

A job or career move which will give you greater personal satisfaction and can be linked to working in support of others could emerge early in the year. Either way, ensuring your life is working as efficiently as possible is likely to be a strong motivating factor.

As this year unfolds, the desire to change up your routines and inject more variety and spontaneity will become stronger.

Essentially Leo, you are set to crave greater excitement. The move of Saturn on March 7 asks you to be mindful of your longer-term commitments and plans, and whilst travel, adventure and independence may call out to you, it will need to work in terms of your budget. Jupiter could bring a slice of fortune to your worldly hopes, especially if your career has been beset by unpredictability or heavy demands in recent years.

Perhaps the greatest celestial blessing comes from the role of Venus, which transits through your sign for a rare four and a half months from June 6th when she joins with action planet Mars, which is with you from May 20 to July 10. This combination can do wonders for your sense of attractiveness and sex appeal, and you can strut your stuff with greater confidence.

The Solar Eclipse of October 14 might also see your powers of persuasion and charm accentuated.

Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

Your ruler is in Retrograde as 2023 dawns, but this simply encourages you to take your talents seriously and stay flexible in the year ahead. With Venus so close to Pluto in your 5th House of life’s joys though, some fated developments can occur for you. Saturn moves into your sector of relating, competition and interactions from March 7, which pushes you to set your boundaries and think carefully about close involvements.

If you’re business-minded, the two New Moons of March and April, the second a Solar Eclipse, give you enormous encouragement to show people how resourceful you can be. These and the arrival of the North Node in Aries in mid-July presage some big transformations across your situation, and also some important new beginnings.

Jupiter gives you fantastic support from mid-May and you can feel in the mood to expand your horizons and be more daring. A time of soul-searching in the summer, particularly around your love life, could test any tie which is not giving you a sense of contentment. But from this you may also become more closely in touch with what you really need. You could research your family tree and get in touch with old friends.

The Eclipse of October gives you the chance to improve your self-image and financial position.

Libra (September 24 – October 23)

A fabulous New Moon of January 21 is blessed by the planet of fortune, Jupiter, and this, along with the transformational energies of deep Pluto, can springboard your hopes in a truly significant way. Yes, strict Saturn links to your ruler, but all the life lessons you’ve gained in the last years mean you can assert your boundaries and also embrace big opportunities.

From early March Saturn pushes you to get fitter and be as productive as possible, but three major events in the sign of Aries: the New Moon on the Vernal Equinox, the Solar Eclipse of April combined with hope-bringer Jupiter, and the North Node returning to your sector of relationships for the first time since 2004, collectively bring great hope for your links to others.

This is a year that echoes to your best self, and you will find people more receptive and prepared to meet you halfway. True, some Scales may be moving or improving where they live, and there still might be some deeply sensitive family politics, but surprise developments may see previous strains ease.

This could give you a big decision to make, true, but the Libra Solar Eclipse of October 14 really is the defining moment of the year, and can see some truly significant new beginnings spark, or you can energise the ongoing strands that really matter.

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

You can be very direct when you comment on others’ situations, but paradoxically you can be more reticent to say how you feel more personally, especially about private strands. With the year beginning with your modern ruler so closely aligned to Venus, you may find yourself sharing a lot more about yourself.

True, Mercury the planet of talk and thought is in Retrograde, but this could nudge you to work at sharing and quickening the pulse of your interactions. Also, whereas Saturn has been so limiting around home and domestic considerations in the last two years, by January’s New Moon you may see things shaping up in a really constructive way, and Saturn’s move in March asks you to work harder at your talents, flair and artistry.

Pluto’s brief time in your home sector is a precursor to more fundamental inner changes coming at the start of 2024. Still, the New Moons of April and March, and the arrival of the North Node in July in Aries, can be wonderful for grappling with all the essential details of life that help to make our existences productive.

Jupiter supports your relationships wonderfully from mid-May, and through the summer one tie could reach a deeper level of commitment, or a new work-based alliance may blossom.

October 12 will see you develop more dynamism. Your New Moon in November brings solid new beginnings.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

Many of us are facing new financial realities, but money planet Venus engaging with transformational Pluto at the very start of 2023 augers well for your sign Sagittarius, as long as you can push yourself to grapple with all those tiny details and intricacies which you can sometimes find somewhat tedious.

Indeed, with the exception of the last Mercury Retrograde of the year, which ultimately rewinds into your zodiac sign, a theme for this new year is to use your passion, flair and creativity in ways which render tangible results. This will mean combining all these with careful stewardship of resources, time and money. If you can do this, your star really could be in the Ascendant.

With Saturn moving into your sector of home, family and everyday property matters in early March, some changes are possible around these areas too. But be assured, some of the biting tension of the last two years may be replaced by a much more dynamic and hopeful vibe, boosted particularly by the combination of April’s Solar Eclipse and its combination with your expansive, and often luck-bringing ruler, Jupiter.

This event, along with Jupiter’s journey into your sector of bodily vitality in May, really can provide a platform for growth. Further, the combination of your New Moon and Mars on December 12 sees you end the year on absolutely top form.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

You are going to start something new this year, and it could work out to be one of the best things you’ve ever done. Just be aware that this may not be one project, and that’s the rub.

If you do begin something afresh, just be mindful that your first choice might not be the one that turns out to come to fruition, although it could be. So, the theme for you this year is to stay resolutely open-minded, but determined to demonstrate your rich talents. And if certain goals change, flex and just go with it.

Indeed, for some Capricorns there may be a greater desire to learn new skills. This could be in a formal setting, digitally, online or by enjoying local evening classes. If you feel there are gaps in your knowledge, this can be a wonderful time to positively address them. Yet with Saturn in House three from early March, choosing your words with care will be important. Others may be inclined to challenge some of your long-established beliefs.

The Spring primes a time when evolving in your emotional world can also be important. Your naturally dry but wonderful sense of humour is boosted from mid-May by exuberant Jupiter. Finances can rally across the summer months, and the Solar Eclipse of October might see you use all of your resourcefulness and drive to power towards any key goals, or to achieve greater recognition and success.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

The top news this year Aquarius is your co-ruling planet, strict and restrictive Saturn, leaving your sign on March 7 after an intense two and a half years of occupation. This is followed by the arrival of deep and transformative Pluto in your sign for a brief sojourn.

This combination asks you to turn all the lessons, experiences and knowledge that you have gained over many years towards establishing a firm new foundation for your future hopes. Indeed, the Aquarius New Moon of January 21 can trigger a series of positive events which can delight you.

With your 3rd House of ideas, lively interactions and fast-moving possibilities also benefiting from some enlivening new energies, a sense of optimism will increase as the year unfolds. Some fabulous news linked to your home or family life can also light you up from May, and relationships, particularly close personal ties, can be significantly boosted by the arrival of both Mars and Venus in your opposite sign during the summer.

Expect to be active from the time of the Autumnal Equinox of September 23. With a stunning Solar Eclipse on October 14, travel, contracts and higher education are all positively supported.

Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

Saturn returns to your sign for the first time in 27 years. This asks you to decide on some key life priorities. Many of us have a variety of interests and talents, but modern life can be distracting, and so deciding on what is really essential to you is what this planet of application urges you to do.

Resistance can lead to lower vitality, but by narrowing your focus you have a marvellous opportunity to hone in on what really inspires you and make substantial progress. Delightfully, your 2nd House of personal resources and self-worth is boosted substantially this year, not least by your traditional ruling planet Jupiter’s alliance with the Solar Eclipse of April 21.

Jupiter’s luck-bringing energy can also influence another bright sector from mid-May, opening up lots of possibilities for you around your ideas and self-expression. At work, the quality of your relationships can be as important as your skill set, but some new alliances can be built through the summer months.

In fact, this is a year when one friendship or even romance can come to the centre of your life in quite an unexpected way. This person may have similar long-term goals or aspirations, or you may connect around a mutual cause. That said, working hard to keep the lines of communication open will be essential through all of 2023.

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