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‘Will Artificial Intelligence start a revolution or end humanity?’

By Secret Thinker

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Popular chatbots include ChatGPT.
Popular chatbots include ChatGPT.

Arguments over AI (Artificial Intelligence) continue to rage – some predict it will usher in a new industrial revolution, others claim it will destroy humanity completely.

And, as top dog tech companies do all they can to master the technology the race to take Silicon Valley’s most lucrative prize becomes ever-more cut-throat.

With previously undreamt of riches at stake it doesn’t seem difficult for the main players to cast aside any ethical concerns and push on with developing their babies regardless.

But as the bots get better those who fear the damage they will inflict upon humankind ramp up the opposition.

Of course, whether you consider these people to be conspiracy theorists or saviours of humanity depends on your view of AI.

But, whatever you think, don’t be under any illusion taking a back seat, or simply trying to ignore it will be an option – the level to which it will intervene in all our lives will not allow this.

Claims for the power and effectiveness of AI are coming at us thick and fast and companies keen to cut costs are only going to seek more opportunities to make savings.

Some business leaders have said AI is doing the equivalent work of hundreds of people at their companies and is already achieving higher satisfaction ratings than humans.

Other chatbots are already being used to offer people help with their wellbeing by providing emotional support.

I’m fascinated by this subject and the development of tech in general but try hard not to get sucked into the conspiracy theories.

I'm pretty open-minded but I don't think there will be life imitating art any time soon with any storylines from Terminator coming true. Having said that, we only know what we know and there's so much more to learn and stuff going on that many of us are never likely to know.

Has anyone got John Connor's number? You know, just in case!

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