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WATCH: Hogmanay protest at meat aisle in Inverness supermarket

By Andrew Dixon

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WARNING: The video contains graphic images.

Protesters at Tesco Extra. Picture: TikTok/teresajose30 (TerryJ88)
Protesters at Tesco Extra. Picture: TikTok/teresajose30 (TerryJ88)

Around 20 people staged a protest at an Inverness supermarket against eating meat.

They gathered at Tesco Extra in Inverness Shopping Park on Hogmanay.

Activists claim the sit-in protest lasted around 45 minutes. Some were holding posters of animals while others held flowers and all of them appeared to have tape over their mouths.

One of the protesters said they left when police arrived and asked them to go.

WARNING: The video contains graphic images.

@teresajose30 Today we went into Tesco and stood by some of the victims of this animal holocaust. They shut down the entire aisle and let us sit there for almost an hour. The police came (because we were so militant) and politely asked if we would leave, so we did. Easy. Tesco staff had no idea what to do or how to handle it. These victims deserve to be seen. We wont stop fighting. #govegan #inverness #meatlovers #meatfeast #happynewyear #newyeareve2023 #newyearsparty #thinkofmeatmidnight #militantcarnist ♬ Can We Kiss Forever(快手版) - k琳琳

Anne Robertson, from Edinburgh, said: "Some of you may recall after my attendance at Vegan Camp out in the summer I made a decision to give a voice to the innocent animals.

"To finish 2023, I met with my activist friends and we staged a silent sit-in protest in the flesh aisles of Tesco in Inverness, our aim was to sit until asked to leave, then without fuss we would leave, there was around 20 of us so quite impressive. The staff didn’t know what to do, they did not speak to us at all, so did not ask us to leave, meaning we were there 45 minutes.

"This closed the aisle to customers causing inconvenience, allowing time for people to take a minute to think about what they are actually buying. The message on the posters l were 'think about me at midnight' going into 2024. On social media, on one site the last count was over 30,000 views, obviously there were some negative feedback as expected but many positive comments and a good number of people vowed to go vegan so a successful campaign with more animals being saved as we enter 2024.

"Before going vegan I did not understand being vegetarian was simply not enough, Veganuary is an excellent time to try out a new compassionate cruelty free way of living."

Tesco has been invited to comment.

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