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WATCH: Barcelona fashionista takes flight to Inverness for incredible Oxfam fashion finds

By Annabelle Gauntlett

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Georgia and Annabelle tried tried on some brand new Zara dresses.
Georgia and Annabelle tried tried on some brand new Zara dresses.

A woman from Barcelona travels to Inverness at least three times a year with empty suitcases ready to fill with the Zara goods she finds at Inverness's profound Oxfam charity shop.

We took a look inside this city fashion hotspot to see what bargains we could find.

The charity shop has become known for its outstanding deals on brand new Zara stock.

From glamorous evening gowns to chic casual wear fit for any occasion, Inverness's Oxfam has it all.

The shop offers a range of styles at an incredible price.
The shop offers a range of styles at an incredible price.

Kelly Slater, store manager, said: "Having the Zara donation boxes helps the charity so much, without it we would be making a lot less money than we are.

"When people come in for the likes of a Zara product, they then realise that we do so many own brand goods such as our own Christmas cards.

"By introducing this stock into the shop helps bring the younger person in because that's who our clothes are aimed at, then they tell their mates and they all come in too."

All of the Zara clothes are brand new and are sold for a third of the price with jackets, dresses and boots that once cost hundreds of pounds drop to tens; its a shop full of hidden gems ready to be found.

Kelly added: "I see so many frustrated customers come in who have bought something online for full price and then find it in here costing half the amount."

In a world where sustainable shopping and budget-friendly finds are becoming increasingly sought after, charity shops have emerged as hidden treasures, offering not only incredible bargains but also an eco-friendly way to shop.

That certainly has been the case for one lady who frequently attends this charity shop.

Kelly said: "I have a customer that comes in at least three times a year from Barcelona to buy her Zara clothes because its cheaper for her to buy them here and pay for her flight here and back than it is to buy them in Zara itself.

"So, if she can do it, everybody can."

Incredible fashion bargains at Inverness charity shop.
Incredible fashion bargains at Inverness charity shop.

As the holiday season approaches, the allure of these shops becomes even more pronounced, presenting a win-win opportunity: saving money while making a positive impact on the environment.

Kelly said: "The younger generation are so much better at recycling than we are, they've got it nailed now. They don't call it charity shops, its a recycling shop!"

Exploring the ethos of charity shop finds and their significance in the lead-up to Christmas unveils a unique avenue for conscious consumerism that benefits both your wallet and the planet.

She said: "Money is really tight this year, so shopping in charity shops during the run up to Christmas is really important.

"You can get a lot more for your money in a charity shop than what you would anywhere else, but especially here as you are getting brand new good quality products."

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