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RECAP: Murder mystery of Nairn banker Alistair Wilson continues to baffle police nearly 20 years on

By Alan Shields

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Alistair Wilson with son Andrew (4).
Alistair Wilson with son Andrew (4).

Nairn banker Alistair Wilson was gunned down and killed on his doorstep of his family home in a shocking murder that police have never managed to solve.

But now nearly 20 years later new information have led the police investigation to Canada to carry out further witness statements.

The Inverness Courier now retraces the roots of the case to see what has led to this latest development.

Nothing has ever been able to explain the doorstep assassination that sent shockwaves throughout the local community and across Scotland.

And the limited clues such as the discovery of the German made handgun nearby and an envelope marked with the name “Paul” have only added to the mystery.

By all accounts it appeared to be a normal evening for Mr Wilson and his family when a stranger called at the door and changed their world forever.

The date was November 28, 2004.

Mr Wilson (30) and his wife Veronica and two children were all at the family home in the town's Crescent Road when the caller came to the door around 7pm.

Mrs Wilson answered the door to the man who was wearing a baseball cap.

He asked for Mr Wilson by name prompting her to go and get him from upstairs of their Victorian villa.

Mr Wilson, the business manager of a local Bank of Scotland branch, then went downstairs before, it is understood, returning upstairs with an empty blue envelope.

It is understood the couple spoke briefly before Mr Wilson went back downstairs to speak to the man.

Gunshots then rang out with Mrs Wilson running downstairs to discover her husband dead on the doorstep - alone.

Theories have abounded in the intervening years.

Everything from alleged money laundering to mistaken identity have been suggested as possible motives.

Police have kept the cold case open and regularly bring it back into the public limelight in the hope of shaking loose new evidence.

However the gunman's true motives remain unknown.

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