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'Spirits were always by my side' – world-famous medium June Field shares her story ahead of Inverness event

By Federica Stefani

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Psychic medium June Field will be in Inverness in March.
Psychic medium June Field will be in Inverness in March.

“I don’t do seances, that would be something you would do in a darkened room on a misty day. What I do are demonstrations of mediumship: I connect with those that are in the audience by getting into their energy and then when I'm into their energy, I'm aware of who is around them.”

Connecting via Zoom with someone whose life is based on connecting with people and other beings from various dimensions – or better, someone that says they can perceive and interact with things most people can't see – is not your usual afternoon interview.

And on the other side of the screen is someone who has become a household name on the international mediumship scene: today I am asking world-renowned psychic medium, June Field, to explain what she does and – and most importantly, how.

June – who visited Nairn last year for one of her events – rose to international fame after being crowned as the world’s best in 2012 after a competition in Ukraine and she is very popular among celebrities across the globe.

For the Dundee-born psychic medium – who will be visiting Inverness on March 6 for a special demonstration – seeing people on the other side and feeling the vibrations and energies from all creatures and objects, is something that runs in the family.

“It's just the way I was born," she said. "I thought everybody saw things at night or people would visit them at night. I probably realised that I was different when I was about eight.

“My great aunt was actually a transfiguration medium – and she could actually take on the faces of people that had passed. Because of this, my mum was the first to notice that I was different, it had skipped a generation.”

However, this felt “scary” and overwhelming at the beginning, and June initially wanted to avoid going down the mediumship path.

“I wanted to shut this down, because it was busy, in my house and in my head. It was a lot,” she said.

Hugh Grant is one of the celebrities she has worked with.
Hugh Grant is one of the celebrities she has worked with.

“When I was in my teens I met a lovely lady called Jenny Brown. What she did was actually to help me sharpen my gift, and control it rather than the other way round.”

Her mentor introduced her to a spiritual church in Dundee, and things then took off.

After becoming popular in the UK, she was called for the TV programme International Battle of the Psychics, which saw her going against over 70,000 psychics from all around the world in Kiev for seven months – going through a series of challenges of various kinds, and taking home the title.

What made her – and still makes her – stand out is how specific she gets when describing what she sees and how accurate her descriptions are.

It was a very tough time, she recalls – after losing her mother and husband, being away from her son and alone in a foreign country was extremely challenging.

“You would think that I would be focusing on those I had lost, and lose my concentration during the challenges – but the spirits where always by my side, and I made it in the end!”

June with the late Bill Rieflin.
June with the late Bill Rieflin.

This put her name out there, resulting in more calls and travels around the world. Among the list of people she has worked with and helped are Hugh Grant, Judy Murray, Susan Boyle, Lainie Kazan, and doing healing sessions with Laura Dern and Bill Rieflin, the late drummer of King Crimson and R.E.M.

“Every single thing from a flower to an animal or a person, we all vibrate a different rates and you can feel when someone's not well.”

“I worked on him every day for three years, remotely and also in San Diego, Seattle and London," she said. "He initially was given only six months to live.”

But how does the healing process work?

“You are a vibration, your body is vibrating – if you have anything wrong with you, the body kicks in and starts fighting it. What I do is shifting the energy: when somebody is ill, if I go into their vibration, I can feel it sluggish, and I can move it and shift it. And more often than not, if somebody is going to recover, the momentum of their own energy kicks in and they heal themselves.

“In other cases I can't cure the people, but I could buy them time by keeping their energy moving.

“Every single thing from a flower to an animal or a person, we all vibrate at different rates and you can feel when someone's not well.”

According to June, even people who are born without the “gift” are able to learn how to tap into this energy.

“You can do this through practice, and meditation. You have to find what works for you – your own key, a sound that resonates with you.

“If you sit within that sound, a few times a week and just think of nothing else than feeling safe and quiet then you start to be aware of what's around you. You are creating space for other people to be heard around you – because none of us are ever alone.”

June, who shared how much she loved the Highland capital, will be visiting Inverness as part of her tour. The event will help raise funds for Strictly Inverness (Highland Hospice and Inverness Ice Centre) and All Dogs Rescue Scotland.

The event's poster.
The event's poster.

“An Intimate Evening with Worlds Greatest Psychic June Field”

March 6th, 2024 from 7.30pm to 9.45 pm

Craigmonie Hotel, Inverness

Tickets: £28

For information and to book tickets visit junefieldmedium.com

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