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SECRET THINKER: 'Why be scared of dentist? I fell asleep in chair'

By Secret Thinker

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Do you visit the dentist regularly?
Do you visit the dentist regularly?

Often people hate going to the dentist but I honestly don't mind it – if I can find a dentist that is.

Sadly, a few days ago, I found myself without a dentist and on the hunt. Closest alternative NHS offering that I could find was in Alness, so I've registered there and look forward to my first visit.

Although it makes sense to go health-wise, I also view it as a bit of mild pampering. You always feel like it's a level of personal improvement to go along and sit in the chair.

I can never understand why some people hate it. I once had a boss who told me he hadn't been to the dentist for at least five years. It was no surprise given that every time he opened his mouth it was like peering into a bag of Quavers.

Regardless whether you have pearly whites or not, frequent visits to the dentist are never a bad idea.

Given I have a sweet tooth, I'm no stranger to the odd cavity every now and then. I've also had sports-related mishaps leading to dental troubles.

Biggest problem though is the anaesthetic is now so good and my dentist was so professional and gentle that, following quite a few early mornings, I found myself nodding off last time I was there. Being woken the first time wasn’t too bad, but falling asleep a second time and having to be nudged awake and asked to ‘open a little wider, please’ was frankly embarrassing.

I made a muffled apology and she said something polite about it being a pleasant change to have such a relaxed patient to treat.

Whilst I really can’t see why anyone makes a fuss about going to the dentist any more, I did see a stat claiming two in five Brits don’t bother with check-ups at all, choosing instead to only get their teeth looked at when they’re actually in pain.

In this day and age I simply can’t believe people don’t visit a dentist regularly due to fear.

I have to conclude failing to book a six-monthly appointment is the result of a more justifiable terror – perhaps receiving the bill from the receptionist as you leave. But it can be money well spent, unless you’re one of the increasingly larger number of people falling at the first hurdle and simply being unable to find an NHS dentist you can sign up for.

My biggest fear was my dentist moving on. I don't know why she did. Maybe she was sick of patients falling asleep while she worked her magic!

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