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Recruiting in December: Seizing opportunities for top talent acquisition

By Contributor

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Elegant dressed businessman celebrating Christmas new year corporate office party Generative AI.
Elegant dressed businessman celebrating Christmas new year corporate office party Generative AI.

By Danielle Fargnoli, recruitment specialist at WorkNest

As the year draws to a close, businesses often find themselves at a crossroads in the world of recruitment: whether to proceed with hiring in December or defer to the new year.

Recruiting in December can present a strategic advantage. As numerous businesses have already filled their vacancies or directed their focus on year-end, there’s reduced competition for candidates. This lull in the hiring activity provides a unique opportunity for organisations to distinguish themselves and attract top talent. With fewer companies actively recruiting, outreach efforts are more likely to capture the attention of high-calibre candidates who may have been overlooked in busier hiring seasons.

Moreover, the approach of the New Year prompts a period of reflection for many professionals. It’s a prime time for people to consider their careers and set resolutions for personal and professional growth. December can therefore be a strategic window to engage with candidates genuinely contemplating a change and open to new opportunities. The holiday season also offers candidates a respite from the usual work routine, affording them the time and headspace to explore potential job openings.

The combination of reduced competition and increased candidate receptivity positions December as an advantageous time for businesses to proactively connect with top talent, creating a win-win scenario for both organisations and potential hires.

However, the regular operational rhythm of businesses is often disrupted in the final month of the year. Employee leave, coupled with competing year-end priorities, can contribute to a chaotic environment for recruitment.

The collective slowdown, as professionals take time off for celebrations, introduces logistical hurdles that may impede interview scheduling and recruitment co-ordination. The rush to finalise pending tasks may divert attention and resources from the hiring process, potentially compromising the thoroughness and efficiency of recruitment campaigns.

If opting for a December recruitment drive, it’s crucial to allocate sufficient time and attention to prevent a negative candidate experience or drop-outs.

Considering these factors, December is a great time for planning and advertising, setting up your recruitment campaigns and processes, advertising new your roles, and establishing a presence among candidates who may be looking for new opportunities.

LinkedIn reports that only 7.2 per cent of vacancies are advertised in December, making it a prime opportunity to release your advertisements just before the Christmas break, and stand out from competitors to reach prospective candidates first.

That way, upon your return in the new year, you should have a pool of strong, energised and eager candidates waiting to explore new opportunities. Be sure to set aside time in January to give the recruitment campaign the time and attention is deserves, capitalising on the momentum gained during December.

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