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Parents vow to carry on fight for justice for Inverness man who died in mysterious circumstances in London

By Louise Glen

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Ramsay teaching in China.
Ramsay teaching in China.

An inquest into the death of an Inverness political hopeful who died in mysterious circumstances in London has ruled he died of natural causes.

But Murdo and Susan Urquhart, the parents of Ramsay Urquhart, a teacher, who died in April 2019, have vowed that they will fight on for justice for their – after being denied the right to have a barrister at the hearing held on March 2 and 3.

UKIP candidate Ramsay Urquhart, a former Inverness Holm, Lochardil, Inverness Royal Academy and Nairn Academy pupil, had been living with his parents in Aberdeenshire up until two weeks before his death, aged 33, when he moved to London to find a job.

After a two–day hearing in Sunderland, during his closing remarks Assistant Coroner Andrew Tweddle ruled Mr Urquhart's death was of "natural causes", something both Mr and Mrs Urquhart disagree with.

Susan Urquhart, Ramsay's mum, said: "There was nothing that I heard at the Coroner's Court that I did not know already. But what I did hear were confused accounts of whoever it was that was found in my son's bedroom.

Ramsay and Pan Ei Phyu on their wedding day on February 4, 2018.
Ramsay and Pan Ei Phyu on their wedding day on February 4, 2018.

"One paramedic who was first on the scene said she believed the person that was found was a black man – and not a white Caucasian – as of course Ramsay was.

"My fear is that somebody else's son has been cremated and it was not Ramsay. There was no reason in the world that our family could not have provided DNA to prove beyond all doubt that our son had died. We were never asked for DNA.

"The simplest way to prove it was Ramsay was for us to provide that DNA. That is why I believe there is a slim chance that Ramsay is still alive. Maybe he has been kidnapped – we will never know."
Mrs Urquhart, who now lives in Elgin, continued: "We were sitting having lunch in May 2019 when we found out that, the person they say is, Ramsay was cremated without our knowledge. We were never told. We never got to have our funeral for him. It is very disturbing."

Mr Urquhart said: "We are exhausted after having to cross examine every single person who gave evidence. We were not given the right to legal aid under Article 2 of Human Rights legislation, so we could not afford to appoint a barrister.

"I still say they did not want us to see Ramsay's body, or to provide DNA in case it was not his body. And now we will never know.

"I know in my heart that something sinister has happened to Ramsay and there has been a cover up due to the huge number of blunders that were made.

"I will not give up on looking for or seeking justice for Ramsay. I am now seeking a judicial review because I believe a great injustice has been done."

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