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Heavy traffic and ill-fitting drains cause misery for sleep-deprived Nairn residents along the A96

By Donald Wilson

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Stephen Wiseman, Roger Rushton and Bill Henderson, local residents by the A96. Picture: James Mackenzie.
Stephen Wiseman, Roger Rushton and Bill Henderson, local residents by the A96. Picture: James Mackenzie.

HEAVY traffic thundering through Nairn is causing sleepless nights for residents beside the A96.

Householders in Merryton Crescent are complaining that ill-fitting drain covers on the trunk road through the town are making such a noise at all hours of the night it’s sometimes impossible to get a decent night’s sleep.

Roger Rushton, of ‘Meadowlea’, said: “We moved here six years ago but the lives of many people in this street are being blighted by the articulated lorries which have to pass through Nairn because we don’t have a bypass.

“The utility companies who are responsible for these drains should act now and undertake the maintenance that’s required.”

There are loose fitting drain covers along the route of the A96 between Broadhill and Merryton.

“I have spoken to several neighbours who are experiencing the same problem.

“You can even feel the vibration from the lorries as they hit the drains.”

Mr Rushton, a retired businessman added: “ I am often woken up by the loud thump when a lorry passes along the street. It can happen several times a night and its often impossible to get back to sleep.

“This town is crying out for a bypass.

The A96 through Nairn. Picture: James Mackenzie.
The A96 through Nairn. Picture: James Mackenzie.

“It’s choking in poisonous gases from the traffic that passes through Nairn day and night. It’s relentless.

“The Green Party are on about sustainability and having clean air.

“Well they need to smell the coffee and try living in Nairn and instead of blocking the bypass, they should be supporting it so the residents of this town no longer have to put up with this which is affecting the long term health of the community.

“There’s a row of houses below the A96 in Merryton which are all affected by the noise. I am sure the residents in Broadhill would be hearing it too. But the whole town is having to put with the silent killer which it is subjected to day in, day out because of the congestion of traffic during the day emitting poisonous fumes into the atmosphere.

He added: “The village of Aberlour recently had it’s main street re-engineered by Scottish Water because they were having the same problems with the drains that we are having here in Nairn. It’s made a tremendous difference to the lives of people there and we need the same done in Nairn.

“It’s just not acceptable people having to put up with this.”

A spokesperson for Scottish Water said:A spokesperson for Scottish Water said: “If customers are experiencing disturbance due to noisy utility covers linked with the public water or sewer networks, we would encourage them to report this to us by calling 0800 077 8778 or our online reporting portal via our website (www.scottishwater.co.uk/help-and-resources/contact-us/contacting-us).

“Following the issue being highlighted by the Courier, our local team will investigate and request any remedial work that is needed on the covers in the A96 near Merryton Crescent. Any work needed will be planned in consultation with the trunk road operator.”

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