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Five more declare - four for No, one for Yes

By SPP Reporter

Independence Referendum, Referendum
Independence Referendum, Referendum

DECLARATIONS are beginning to come in more swiftly.

In the last 20 minutes five areas have declared, with four in favour of No and one voting for Yes.

Midlothian (56%), West Lothian (62%), Stirling (60%) and Falkirk (53%) all voted for No, with West Dumbartonshire (54%) choosing Yes.

In Midlothian 60,395 voted, with 33,972 choosing No against 26,370 for Yes. 53 ballots were spoiled and turnout was 86.8%.

In West Lothian 71,798 (87.6%) voted, with 44,283 picking No over 27,467 for Yes. Forty-egith ballots were rejected.

Stirling had a 90.1% turnout (62,225) with 37,153 for No and 25,010 for Yes.

And in Falkirk 108,626 voted, with 50,489 for Yes and 58,030 for No. One-hundred-and-seven were rejected.

The yes success in West Dumbartonshire came after an 87.9% turnout. 62,532 voted, with 33,720 in favour of Yes and 28,776 for No.

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