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SOPHIA HANSON: Life isn’t all about chasing the big numbers

By Contributor

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Sophia Hanson.
Sophia Hanson.

You want your life and business to thrive in 2023, but you’ve had enough of the frenetic push, push, push to do more in less time; I hear you!

This will likely go against what every other mindset coach is shouting about right now and that’s a good thing; I’m inviting you to add s-l-o-w d-o-w-n to your goals list.

Unless you’ve got a mega issue with procrastination (and you’ll be the best judge of that), it’s time to slow down.

Every business owner I speak to is moving at a frenetic pace as though they’ve somehow lost time to the pandemic. You don’t need to make up for any lost time. Start where you are and keep moving forward – but don’t rush.

My email inbox, probably a bit like yours, has been flooded with emails urging me to push faster and harder in business to ‘get ahead of the competition’.

I’ve not only deleted all those emails, but I’ve also unsubscribed from every single one of those scaremongerers.

Why? Because when you enter the ‘race to get ahead’ you’re creating unnecessary stress (we’ll talk about the competition part another time).

If you run your own business, be the best that you can be.

Be 100 per cent you; that’s your unique selling point that will attract the right clientèle.

How you are, how you conduct your business and the results you help them achieve is what makes people want to buy from you.

When you stop perpetuating the concept that you need to get ahead, you’ll stop feeling like you’re in a high-speed chase. As a result, your nervous system will calm down and you’ll become more resourceful and productive.

Yes, let’s commit to massive action, but let’s make that massive action meaningful.

Start by looking after your wellbeing needs, work at a pace that is a comfortable stretch. Look at it this way, if you have an extra £50k-£500k in the bank by next Christmas but you’re frazzled, two stone overweight, stressed and bad tempered, what good is that extra money?

Life isn’t all about chasing the big numbers. Slow down. Enjoy it.

And if you’d love some coaching or hypnotherapy support so you can drop the bad habits (whatever they are) and turbo-charge the great ones to achieve more with less stress, get in touch by email at: sophia@sophiahanson.com

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