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In life and gin say yes to a little bit of what you fancy

By Chrissie Fairclough

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WITH Sober October coming up, followed by Dry January just two months later, it seems there is a trend emerging for saying no.

But whatever happened to all things in moderation? We say eat the cupcake and take the dog for a walk. Choose chips and climb the stairs. Have one G&T and get off the bus a stop early. It’s all about balance. If you want to go healthy and cut back on the booze, there are better ways to go than spending £28 on flavoured water (yes, I’m talking about you, Seedlip). My vote goes to those companies who are helping us to drink less but better quality. So here are my top three picks of gin brands who are embracing the low life. Because yes is always a better word than no.

Small Gin by Hayman’s.
Small Gin by Hayman’s.

Small Gin by Hayman’s allows you to mix a real gin and tonic with just 0.2 units of alcohol and 15 calories per serve. Small in size but big in flavour, it is so rich in botanical character that just 5ml is all it takes to create a wonderfully balanced G&T while reducing the alcohol in your G&T by 80 per cent. Each bottle comes with a specially designed 5ml measuring thimble, making it easy to mix the perfect serve.

Price: £26 for 20cl (giving 40 serves)

Temperance by Portobello Road is bottled at 4.2% ABV, crafted for gin fans looking to moderate their intake of alcohol but who don’t want to compromise on flavour.

The recommended serve is a 50ml pour mixed with 200ml tonic water, coming in at 0.8 per cent ABV.

Distilled using the same nine botanicals as its signature London Dry Gin, it also features botanical hydrosols and naturally high mineral content water.

Price: £23 for 70cl

Minus 33 says it’s not quite gin; it’s something lighter. A 33 per cent ABV spirit and just 46 calories per 25ml serve.

Price: £27 for 70cl

Chrissie Fairclough is tastings director for Gin Club Scotland, which runs touring and distillery-based tastings, as well as offering tasting kits for people to run their own events. www.ginclubscotland.com

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