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HAYES In loving memory of my loving husband Keith Hayes, who passed away 29th February, 2016. Loving father to Keith Robert, grandad, great-grandad, father-in-law and loving son of the late Robert and Lily Hayes. That was our yesterdays, when you come back to me I run to meet your memory. It's me and you just like old times, we lived, we loved, we laughed, we cried. I let these memories take me back to our yesterdays. Yes, gone too soon, there was nothing else that I could do, I tried it all. I tried so hard with all my heart, I couldn't save you. I know it's true, yesterdays are past but you'll be alive in my memory and in my heart. Your memory will last. Love you always. Miss you forever. Sleep tight sweetheart. Please wait for me like you promised. (Your loving wife Ann xxxx)

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