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YOUR VIEWS: Man who threw petrol bombs at police acquitted

By Ian Duncan

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Krzystof Andruczak.
Krzystof Andruczak.

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A man who hurled lit petrol bombs at police and had to be shot to be brought under control was acquitted at the High Court in Glasgow yesterday.

Krzystof Andrusczak faced a series of charges including the attempted murder of five police officers, wilful fire-raising and assault.

He turned on a team of officers who attended at his flat in Inverness on March 31 last year.

The court heard Andrusczak was suffering from a mental disorder at the time and did not "appreciate the wrongfulness of his conduct".

He is currently being treated in the State Hospital at Carstairs and Lord Matthews imposed an interim compulsion order for him to remain there meantime.

The case will call again in May.

Police and fire service personnel at the incident.
Police and fire service personnel at the incident.

When our court report was shared on social media yesterday you were quick to share your views.

Shaune Jane Crosbie said: "Maybe if he got the help he needed it wouldn’t have got that far, I am sure I read that he actually asked for help but was turned down."

Peter Coleman said: "Hope the guy gets the help he needs and not just locked up and forgotten about. Then when he is released it will be back to stage one again.

“There's no actual rehabilitation in the prison system and no wonder most prisoners leave even worse than when they went in.

"The system is a joke. Everyone needs help despite the crime so when they leave prison and back into society they can make a new start in life if they ever get the help needed to do so."

However, Carly Brown replied: "Peter Coleman he's in Carstairs. Not prison."

Deirdre Byers added: "Peter Coleman 100 per cent agree. I work in mental health. Something needs to be done all over not just the Highlands – absolutely shocking."

Violet Anderson said: "Make him pay for [the damage]."

Caithan Brooks said: "This guy's got serious mental health conditions – not any excuse for anything but have some respect for the family if anything. People are far too quick to judge."

Siobhan Darlington said: "£2 million repair bill – unlikely."

Keith Hendry replied: "Siobhan Darlington a whole block of flats was destroyed not just his one."

Granty Sutherland added: "Could build another few blocks of these flats for £2 million – exaggerated a bit I think."

Johansen Sweed said: "He requested help the morning this happened but he was refused."

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