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Flurry of new sightings recorded on Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register brings total to 11 so far this year

By Val Sweeney

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More sightings of something unusual on Loch Ness have been registered.
More sightings of something unusual on Loch Ness have been registered.

Two new sightings of something unexplained have been added the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register bringing the total so far this year to 11.

They are among a flurry of sighting posted in recent weeks on the register.

They include one by Sebastian, Oscar and Alexandra Norman were visiting from Surrey and took a trip on a Jacobite cruise boat on July 26.

They said that towards the end of their boat ride at around 11.30am, as they were heading back, Sebastian saw in the distance about 20-30 metres ahead what he described as a black dot.

The report states: "As we got closer to it it was scaly, black shape the size of a dinner plate that was higher at one end and was like a tiny slope."

It is accompanied by a photograph.

The 11th registered sighting goes to Matthew Reddick, who was watching the Nessie on the Net! webcam from Dallas, Texas, on August 11.

It has been posted on YouTube.

He spotted an unidentified moving image on the water.

"It appears to surface and dive leaving wakes as it swims left," he said.

"When I applied filters, I could see something else away to the left that I missed in original at the beginning of the sighting."

Mr Reddick, who has travelled to Scotland and England many times, worked as a chef in London for about two years and has visited Loch Ness three times.

"At night, I read a lot, and when I take breaks I will sometimes pop the Loch Ness Youtube feed on and scan through," he said.

"I have spent a good deal of time on the channel and have seen some unusual things.

"Usually though, I can pass them off with a careful look as a bird, bug near the camera, boat, or some sort of glitch, or sun glare. This time it stood out as something very different."

The register is kept by Gary Campbell who said there had been a flurry of sightings reported over the past three weeks.

"In most cases we've been able to explain what people have seen but as always, there are a few that we cannot identify hence they have been added to the register," he said.

"The return of visitors to the area has meant that people can come to the loch and try to look for Nessie in person and it appears that she's popping her head up for a look as well!"

Sketch of something unexplained on Loch Ness

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