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Rugby sevens is vital for youth progression at Highland

By SPP Reporter

Iain Chisholm believes that Highland Rugby Club’s upcoming sevens is a vital step in developing youngsters.

It has been years since the club last hosted what used to be a social sevens event.

But a 2019 revamp has a week of the shorter format of the game lined up for May, with different age groups of boys and girls playing each day of the week.

Chisholm believes that it is a missing piece in the development of youth rugby with Highland, and can help them compete in years to come.

“I think it’s vital,” he insisted.

“Sevens is a game where you can be really isolated, and your skills are put under a lot of pressure if you miss a tackle.

“If you miss a tackle in sevens, that’s more than likely going to result in a score for the other team. If you throw a bad pass, you’re not going to get that go-forward that you need, it’s maybe going to be picked off.

“It’s going to run against you if your skills aren’t up to it, but it’s important that our kids are exposed to that.

“Especially in the league we’re looking to go into, National One, half of those teams are from the borders and they’re all born with rugby balls in their hands playing sevens.

“I don’t think that’s a coincidence that they’re some of the most skilful teams in the country.

“It’s a massive development tool for us that we haven’t tapped into.”

Highland’s Canal Park facility is a major factor in the timing of the club’s return to the format too.

“I’m not sure if the club rolls their eyes when we think about doing stuff like this, it’s quite ambitious but why not?” he asked.

“We have an artificial pitch that we can play game after game after game on without it cutting up.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to do it.

“We need to really make the most of having this facility, because it’s one of the best in Scotland.”

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