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Athletes across Scotland compete at major Tang Soo Do championship in Inverness

By Will Clark

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Inverness Tang Soo Do athletes with their medals.
Inverness Tang Soo Do athletes with their medals.

Inverness hosted the Highland Tang Soo Do Championships which took place at the Inverness Community Centre.

Over 85 competitors from all over the Scotland gathered to test themselves on Saturday.

Students from Inverness Tang Soo Do comprised a 16-strong team and won 58 medals which included 19 Gold, 17 Silver, and 22 bronze.

Master Instructor Kelly Murphy said: “I was thrilled with the performance of the whole Inverness team, with Jemma Wheeler, Lily Fraser, Lewis Fraser and Tilly Munro gaining medal positions in all the categories they entered.

Inverness Tang Soo Do athletes with their medals.
Inverness Tang Soo Do athletes with their medals.

Inverness Tang Soo Do athletes results.

Black Belts:

Laura Stewart, age 21 – 1st Open Weapons, 2nd Team Forms.

Jemma Wheeler, age 26 – 1st Bo Staff, 1st Nunchaku, 1st Knife, 1st Sword, 2nd Sparring, 2nd Team Forms, 3rd Forms.

Rowen Anderson, age 22 – 2nd Team Forms.

Addison Keir, age 13 – 3rd Bo Staff, 3rd Nunchaku, 3rd Sparring, 3rd Team Forms.

Forbes Gajda, age 14 – 1st Nunchaku, 2nd Sword, 2nd Forms, 3rd Sparring, 3rd Bo Staff, 3rd Team Forms.

Connor McInnes, age 13 – 3rd Sword, 3rd Forms.

Ailish Boyd, age 15 – 2nd Nunchaku, 2nd Sparring, 3rd Team Forms

Red Belts

Blythe Gajda, age 11 – 1st Nunchaku, 1st Team Forms, 2nd Bo Staff, 2nd Open Weapons, 2nd


Arwen Boyd, age 12 – 1st Bo Staff, 1st Open Weapons, 1st Forms, 3rd Nunchaku, 3rd Team Forms

Brown Belts

Lily Fraser, age 13 – 1st Forms, 1st Open Weapons, 1st Team Forms, 3rd Bo Staff, 3rd Nunchaku, 3rd Sparring

Layla Urquhart, age 11 – 1st Bo Staff, 1st Team Forms, 2nd Open Weapons, 2nd Forms, 2nd Sparring

Green Belts

Lewis Fraser, age 8 – 2nd Bo Staff, 2nd Sparring, 3rd Nunchaku, 3rd Forms

Declan Lawrence, age 10 – 1st Sparring, 3rd Forms

Orange Belts

Tilly Munro, age 10 – 1st Bo Staff, 2nd Sparring, 3rd Forms, 3rd Team Forms

Aleena Khoyratty, age 9 – 3rd Bo Staff, 3rd Sparring, 3rd Team Forms

Arran Polson, age 8 – 3rd Forms

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