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YOUR VIEWS: Inverness cemetery ‘disgrace’, city centre ‘boy racers’ and Highland campervan £40 scheme

By Gregor White

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Tomnahurich Cemetery offers great views of the city - but it was the scene inside the grounds that incensed one reader recently. Picture: James Mackenzie.
Tomnahurich Cemetery offers great views of the city - but it was the scene inside the grounds that incensed one reader recently. Picture: James Mackenzie.

Cemetery grounds in a ‘disgraceful’ state

Earlier this month, at the time of commemoration of the anniversary of D-Day, I attended Tomnahurich Cemetery to pay my respects to my grandfather (WWI) and also my father, whose demise was a result of WWII. They, along with other members [of the family] are interred here, very near the entrance opposite the gatekeeper’s empty lodge.

I was shocked, appalled and angry in equal measure at the conditions therein - no grass cut, no verges or pathways attended to, nowhere for waste to be deposited. Also some of the older stones had pieces fallen and lay abandoned where they had fallen.

This is an absolute disgrace. Also very disrespectful to our families.

I dread to think, had I ventured further, what conditions would be.

I have already contacted the council about this matter which, as of today, they have chosen to ignore.

If they choose to abandon what was once a well-tended, respectful area to visit, words fail me.

I am totally disappointed and disgusted at the failure to show respect to not only my family who were sacrificed by war but also on behalf of those who no longer have a voice.

Inverness, you are a disgrace.

Christina Cormack

MacKenzie Place


Finding the good in uncut grass

We may or may not agree with austerity, but every cloud has a silver lining.

Passing through General Booth Road, it is pleasing to the eye to observe the array of colour, along the verges.

The lack of cutting has allowed nature to thrive.

Not only do the wild flowers spring to life, the undergrowth provides the perfect environment for insects and small animals.

With the echo system kicking in, there is pollen for the bees and a variety of food for the birds.

Food for thought.

Donnie Duggie

Darris Road


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Two youths misusing Hi-Bikes on Academy Street.
Two youths misusing Hi-Bikes on Academy Street.

What is the answer to bike problem?

Thank you for the article on the front page of the Inverness Courier (‘Boy racer e-bikers could kill someone’, 28/6/24).

I was cycling home yesterday after full council, along High Street at the back of 5pm and witnessed three on a bike.

They were unable to see where they were heading. They just avoided heading into a woman, who swerved out of their way, and she did not seem pleased.

I was not able to get a picture, and too quick to stop them. Next time I will! CCTV should have yesterday's antics.

It's shocking what is happening.

Youths need to get a healthy distraction and use their unspent energy kicking a ball.

Hi-Bike scheme in Inverness suspended after vandalism surge

High Life Highland (HLH) could look at some programme to engage with the age group perhaps? They do have loads of summer programmes, but is it for this group?

I've asked HLH and Inverness BID if something could be mutually looked at.

Men's Shed might be able to help if age-related - we need an intergenerational project to engage them perhaps.

As I'm an Older People's Champion, I would welcome an initiative to get the unspent energy of youth better utilised!

If aged between 16-18 could they get a part time job? Volunteer to help locally if age able.

What has gone wrong in our society, that we have this happen at the expense of the public?

Councillor Isabelle MacKenzie

Inverness Millburn

Visitors are being asked to pay a voluntary charge towards the upkeep of local infratsructure. Picture: iStock
Visitors are being asked to pay a voluntary charge towards the upkeep of local infratsructure. Picture: iStock

Voluntary £40 pass for campervans

A new voluntary scheme has launched across the Highlands aimed at encouraging campervan and motorhome users visiting the region to contribute towards the cost of tourist infrastructure. The new £40 Highland Campervan and Motorhome Scheme is being aimed at socially conscious travellers, with those opting to pay for the seven-day pass helping to contribute towards improvements to the likes of public toilets and wastewater infrastructure.

“Long before the NC 500 was named, just after WW2 Germany’s fledgling tourist industry linked together 29 cities and towns and called it “Romantic Road”. It’s been a massive success and has attracted millions of visitors with many like us travelling in motorhome…What was done to protect the lives of the people who live along the route? In every one of these towns and at many places in between they built a Stellplatz (Aire). They ALL have a place to dump toilet waste and you can take on and dump water…Please do not put Motorhomes in car parks with no facilities, if you do the results will be messy.” - David Dowling, Inverness

“Motorhomers/Campervans don’t add to the local economy? You have to be kidding! We buy fuel, bread on a daily basis + a myriad of other foods and services! I would however, happily pay the £40 for the pass if it gives me access to various facilities and parking. Pass needs to be extended to 14 days.” - Bryan Challice, Dorset

“This £40 camper van pass is a great start. But why is there not some driving qualification that relates to these vehicles? Inexperienced drivers can take the wheel and drive on our challenging roads without any instruction or training on how to handle these vehicles. Every other vehicle that is out of the norm and carries passengers requires certification. Why not these!! The driving skills of these people is hugely questionable.”- Fiona Russell, Inverness

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