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Woman tells High Court in Glasgow she had "extreme" relationship with Inverness market trader accused of sexual and physical abuse

By Ali Morrison

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The High Court in Glasgow.
The High Court in Glasgow.

The 48-year-old woman said Kim Avis could go from affectionate to angry and that he could get angry over "not very much".

Avis (57) is on trial at the High Court in Glasgow, where he denies 25 charges spanning between January 1997 and March 2019.

The accusations include claims he raped three females.

He is also said to have attempted to rape one of them when she was 12 and is further charged with sexually assaulting a girl when she was 11.

The woman today told how she first met Avis at a record fair in Inverness in the later 1990s.

Prosecutor Graeme Jessop asked her: "In so far as your relationship with Kim Avis, how would you describe his mood?"

She replied: "Very extreme. There were signs of being very loving, affectionate, and then he would go into an extreme of being angry."

Asked what got him annoyed, the woman went on: "Not very much.

"Sometimes it would be things I wanted to do that he did not agree with or if I spoke to my male friends, or any man."

She claimed Avis would throw things and also hit himself.

She also said Avis once put his hands around her throat and told the trial he had a "very high" sex drive.

Mr Jessop asked: "Did he ever do anything sexually that you did not want to do?"

She said: "He would want to have sex in the daytime when he came home from work.

"But I was too busy and thought it inappropriate. In the evening, a lot of times I was too tired.

"He did not take it well. He would go into a huff and tell me I was cold.

"It felt like he did not really care about my feelings."

Mr Jessop asked if Avis would have known she did not want to have sex on these occasions.

She said: "I think so, because I told him I would not have sex with him."

However she added: "I did not want to upset him, so just went along with it."

The woman later went to a police with two other females who have alleged suffering at the hands of Avis.

The trial, before judge Lord Sandison, continues.

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