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WATCH: Inverness student remains calm as she confronts burglar

By Louise Glen

Natalie Smyth confronted the burglar who was taking laptops from her home.
Natalie Smyth confronted the burglar who was taking laptops from her home.

A student from Inverness calmly showed a burglar what for, after she caught him lifting valuables from her home.

Determined not to lose her laptop, Natalie Smyth instead confronted the opportunist thief who had broken into her student flat while she was in the shower.

Ms Smyth (22), from Inverness, now lives in Dundee where she studies art.

Posting the video online, she said: "Please remember to lock your doors in Dundee guys.

"I’ve just come out of my room to find this idiot trying to leave with a bag of our MacBooks!"

In the video Ms Smyth confronts the thief, asking: "What you doing, what you taking with you? That’s my stuff, what you doing? What you doing in here? Look, you can’t take that with you. What are you doing in the flat?"

She bravely approaches the man and he hands her the bag of belongings without too much trouble, as he tries to quickly flee the scene. He also tries to hide his face from the camera. Ms Smyth follows him as he makes a speedy retreat out the hallway and to the front door.

Ms Smyth then shouts at him: "Don’t come back here again because I’ll have to call the police."

The man then replies "Don’t call the police, I am the police," to which Ms Smyth said "You’re not the police! You shouldn’t be in the flat."

She has since reported the incident to the police.

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