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12 underagers caught using fake ID at Inverness pubs and clubs

By Jenna Conti

Could time be called on city's midnight pub curfew?
Could time be called on city's midnight pub curfew?

INVERNESS Pub Watch has voiced disappointment after 12 youngsters were caught using or attempting to use fake ID to gain entry to pubs or clubs over the festive period despite its high profile campaign.

The "If you’re Caught – You’re Kept Out" initiative was launched in early December and members of Inverness Pub Watch hoped it would act as a sufficient deterrent to keep underagers out of pubs or clubs.

If an ID is found to be false or fraudulent, it is confiscated and it is handed over to the police for investigation.

Letters are being sent to both the underagers and their parents or guardians informing them of the incidents and that should the young person be caught again replicating their previous behaviour, they will be referred to Pub Watch for the consideration of a ban from all Inverness Pub Watch premises for six months after their 18th birthday.

Pub Watch chair Don Lawson said: "Although we are disappointed, hopefully this is just as a result of some young people not being aware of this initiative.

"Ultimately the young person needs to understand that we are not punishing them, but trying to keep them safe. We the licensees have a duty to protect children from harm and preserve the integrity of our premises.

"In respect of these 12 young people, we very much hope that they will not try to gain entry on another occasion until they are over 18."

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