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ASK THE HIGHLAND DOC: Should I ignore my cough?

By Contributor

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Q. I’ve had a persistent cough for more than three weeks, but I know it isn’t Covid-19. I don’t want to bother my GP with this, what should I do?

A. If you’re aged 40+ and have a persistent new or different cough for three weeks or more, contact your GP practice now.

Similarly, if you’re aged 40+ and have recently tested negative for Covid-19 yet your symptoms – including a cough – are persisting for more than three weeks, you should contact your GP practice.

While it’s probably nothing to worry about, a quicker diagnosis can mean less worry.

A cough can be caused by lots of different things, such as a recent viral illness, medications, acid reflux and – rarely – cancer.

If cancer is suspected and confirmed, more treatment options are available if it’s found early.

Cancer treatment has been a priority throughout the pandemic and will continue to be so moving forward.

If in doubt, contact your GP practice for help and advice.

Visit www.getcheckedearly.org for more information.

Q. My son gets terrible car sickness. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

A. I would advise that your son doesn’t eat large meals before travelling.

In the car he should sit in the front seat if possible so he can get a clear view of the road.

Don’t let him focus on something close by, such as a tablet or film, but get him to look at objects in the distance – playing games like ‘I Spy’ can help with this.

Make sure the car is well ventilated and stop for short breaks and a regular stretch throughout the course of any journeys.

If this doesn’t help you can speak to your pharmacist about the options to buy over-the-counter travel sickness medication.

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