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Christian Viewpoint by John Dempster: ‘Prayer helps us all to connect with God’s love’ as Richard Gamble aims to build a great Möbius strip on a site near Birmingham called the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

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The Mobius strip sculpture.
The Mobius strip sculpture.

Richard Gamble aims to build a great Möbius strip comprising of a million bricks on a site near Birmingham – the “Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer”.

Upon completion in 2023, this symbol of God’s infinity will arch, rainbow-like, 51 metres into the air. Each brick will contain the story – accessible via an app – of someone who has received an answer to prayer.

In Richard’s view, the project is a God-inspired vision to place a hope-inspiring symbol of the goodness of God on the Midlands landscape. For many people he says, prayer is “the most intimate, meaningful and powerful activity in their lives”.

I’ve read some of the answered prayer stories on the project’s website, finding them truly inspiring. But I hope there is room for the experiences of people whose prayers have not been answered in the way they longed for.

Sometimes, the Eternal Wall’s website says, God’s answer to a prayer is “no”. This seems too easy an explanation for those times when you pray sincerely for something selfless and good and nothing happens.

But as the website notes, there is more to prayer than “asking prayer”. To me prayer is nothing less than an intimate spiritual connection with God, a constant link (if I open to it) to the great Spirit of love and joy.

On my clearer seeing days I seek to make my life a prayer, each word and action a “yes” to God. I sense a smidgeon of God’s immense love for me. I ask for help – in making a choice, finding a piece of information, being strong, showing love and compassion. Often the answer comes in the asking.

On good days, as I dialogue with God about situations so my attitude is changed, helping me respond with wisdom and love. Prayer sustains my spirit as breath sustains my body.

I have not experienced any spectacular miracles, but many promptings, inner nudges, creative insights. The Eternal Wall architect describes how using the Möbius strip as its fundamental concept came to him as he prayed. These things too are pure gift.

I have many, many not particularly clear-seeing days. But against the background of prayer as a way of life we have the confidence to hold on to God even when heaven is silent, knowing ourselves held within the Möbius strip of an infinite love.

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