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Loch Ness muncher: German tourists try to lure Nessie with sweets

By Andrew Dixon

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A scene from the advert.
A scene from the advert.

GERMAN tourists are trying to tempt the Loch Ness Monster out from hiding – with bags of Haribo sweets.

Visitors have been spotted throwing the treats into the loch.

One tourist filmed herself on the shore offering the confectionery. Another said she had thrown Haribo Color-rado gums into the water but "Nessie hasn't appeared".

The craze was sparked by a German TV advert from 2017 which showed a group of tourists tucking into a bowl of Haribo gums by the side of the loch.

A tour guide throws his into the air before Nessie pops up and gobbles it behind his back.

Monster hunter Steve Feltham (55), who has lived at Dores beach in his converted camper van since 1991, said: "Another mystery solved here at Loch Ness.

"I've been wondering for a while why German tourists keep offering me Haribo sweets and laughing."

This month marks the 86th anniversary of the first official sighting of the beast when a couple told the Inverness Courier they saw “an enormous animal rolling and plunging on the surface”.

Nessie hunters have flocked to the loch ever since.

Click here to watch the advert.

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