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Inverness street stunned by falling tree but luckily nobody injured

By Neil MacPhail

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FIERCE squalls of wind and rain in Inverness on Tuesday are thought to have caused this tree to crash down, blocking a bus route and pavement used by pupils and dog walkers.

The tree that looked to be dead or dying prior to its final collapse, is thought to have come down shortly before 1pm.

Nearby resident Norman Newton (76) who took these photographs, said that he drove to town along that street around noon and it hadn't fallen, but on his return from the shops he had to abandon his car and walk the last 330 yards to his home in Blackwell Road.

The shattered remains of the tree.
The shattered remains of the tree.

Mr Newton, who worked for the council library service, said: "I found the way blocked shortly before 1pm and there weren't any people or police around so I think it had fallen only a short time before.

"It is a bus route and the pavement is used by children walking to Culloden Academy so it is fortunate no one was hurt. You can see how the tree splintered when it hit the ground so anyone in the vicinity could have been spattered by wooden shrapnel, or worse, by the tree."

Police Scotland said they received several phone calls about the incident, but did not have to attend as Highland Council workers were dealing with removing the roadblock.

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