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Hunt is on to find Loch Ness Monster's genes

By Nicole Webber

Selfie-style: Researcher Adrian Shine with scientist Neil Gemmell.
Selfie-style: Researcher Adrian Shine with scientist Neil Gemmell.

A SCIENTIST from New Zealand believes he can finally uncover the mysteriesof Loch Ness.

Neil Gemmell,geneticist and professor at the University of Otago, travelled toDrumnadrochit to meet researchers at the Loch Ness Project and hasplans in place to return next summer with equipment and funding tocollect water samples.

Mr Gemmell (50) said: “I’vebeen interested in the monster myth for a long time.

"I saw some tweetsby Darren Naish – he had just published the book Hunting Monstersand Iwondered if anyone had used environmental DNA technology on Loch Ness so I started making enquires.”

Mr Gemmell plans to startcrowdfunding for the research. He believes it will cost around£100,000 to undertake the project.

He has already been approached bycompanies looking to make TV documentaries and has been offered helpwith boats and people power from Adrian Shine at the Loch NessProject.

He added: “I don’t believe in the Loch Ness Monster but I am open to theidea of something unusual living in the loch.

“It is a great opportunity to have an adventure, to explore what is atthose depths and hopefully shed some light on the loch’s mysteries.”

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