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Documentary crew are spending the week in the Highlands, and might have spotted Nessie!

By Imogen James

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Warren Speed (left) with friend Jamie Huntley who has been helping him with research.
Warren Speed (left) with friend Jamie Huntley who has been helping him with research.

DO you have experience of ghostly goings on or have you witnessed possible extraterrestrial activity?

If so, a documentary crew is keen to hear from you.

Producer and film maker Warren Speed has been in the Loch Ness area this week researching his latest project including, of course, Nessie as well as the life and legend of infamous ocultist Aleister Crowley who formerly lived close to the banks of the loch.

He has even been hearing about possible UFO activity in the area.

Insisting he takes a strictly neutral stance on whether any of the tales he has heard are true he admits he is certainly intrigued.

"I’ve always liked weird and bizarre things plus I'm a film maker and all the different tales around Loch Ness seemed too good of an opportunity to miss," he said.

"We have come up to see what we can find. We are of a neutral mind but there are so many stories that there can't be smoke without fire.

"We are not here just for Nessie – we are here for everything. It's hard to make conclusions on possible sightings but we will present everything we find in a documentary for people to make up their own minds."

Reports of a weird atmosphere around Loch Ness, at sites like Urquhart Castle, and the burial grounds of Alistair Crowley's former Boleskine House home are set to be covered by the film maker, along with recent reports of strange lights above Drumnadrochit.

This week saw the first reported webcam sighting of the Loch Ness Monster for 2022, which has been potentially revealed to be paddle boarders.

Asked if he himself believed in the fabled creature, Mr Speed said he could not be certain.

"Personally I would have to see her with my own eyes to believe it," he said.

"None of the pictures seem that believable, and I've done loads of research, but it's more the stories behind it – the stories are a bit weird and spooky.”

However, in a turn of events, just yesterday Warren and crew member Jamie think they spotted the infamous monster!
Mr Speed described the ordeal: "Unbelievable as this sounds, me and my cameraman Jamie saw something very large and unexplainable in the loch yesterday morning! We were just pulling up to Boleskine burial grounds and I saw something like a very large upturned boat out of the corner of my eye, then Jamie shouted stop.

"He saw it fully and said it was a hump like a very dark whale, about 5m long and 2m high!

"By the time i stopped the car, a few metres later, trees were covering our view, I quickly reversed, Jamie jumped out, but all he got on his phone camera were very large circular ripples.

"If we had arrived literally 10 seconds earlier we would have caught this on camera, we're both absolutely gutted! But in another way, amazed!"

If you think you have had a paranormal encounter of any kind around the Loch Ness area you believe Mr Speed would be interested in hearing about he can be contacted on 07905 551641.

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