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Dinosaur remains found near Beauly

By SPP Reporter

Tyrannosaurus Rex - a relative of the dinosaur found near Beauly.
Tyrannosaurus Rex - a relative of the dinosaur found near Beauly.

Archaeologists working on a dig near Beauly have uncovered what are believed to be the fossilised remains of a dinosaur.

The location is not being revealed but it is understood the large fossil was only discovered recently.

The find was reported to a team of Edinburgh researchers who immediately recognised its importance and invited the world-renowned palaeontologist Prof. Lalio, of Bergen University, to carry out a study.

He believes the fossil is that of a Tyrannosaurus Regina - a smaller relative of the more famous Tyrannosaurus Rex.

"I am of the opinion, it may be the result of the Tsunami which hit the east coast of Scotland at the end of the last Ice Age when a large part of a mountain on the west coast of Norway fell into the North Sea," Prof Lalio said.

As the dinosaur was a native of the Nordic countries rather than Scotland, he is taking a small section back to Bergen to carry out a forensic comparison with one in Bergen Museum.

Once it has been identified, it is thought the fossil could end up in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

However, some locals believe that a new museum should be built in the village to house the Beauly Beast, as it has been dubbed.

"This belongs to Beauly and should remain here," said one resident.

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