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Games of the week – MLB The Show 21, Judgment, Fez and World of Demons

By Features Reporter

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MLB The Show 21. Picture: PA Photo/Handout
MLB The Show 21. Picture: PA Photo/Handout

MLB The Show 21

Platform: Xbox, PlayStation

Genre: Sport

Price: Free on Xbox Game Pass/£59.99

Age rating: 3+

PlayStation’s baseball exclusive makes the jump to Xbox

Not a huge step forward in terms of gameplay, the real news here is that The Show has finally made the jump to Xbox – and is available on Game Pass. This is still a very good baseball sim, but now there’s also a nod to that influx of new players, with a broader range of difficulty settings to help new pitchers and hitters get used to it. Elsewhere, the biggest new addition is the Stadium Creator tool – giving users control of everything from the location of the hot dog stands, to the cityscape in the background.

Skip to the end: Still good baseball, but now on more consoles.

Score: 8/10

Judgment. Picture: PA Photo/Handout
Judgment. Picture: PA Photo/Handout


Platform: Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia

Genre: Action RPG

Price: £34.99

Age rating: 18+

Gritty just got pretty

This Yakuza spin-off looks sharp as it makes the upgrade to next-gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X. First released in 2019, gameplay itself is not much different, nor is the story, which focuses on disgraced attorney Takayuki Yagami looking for redemption, while working as a private detective investigating a series of nasty murders. The story remains as gripping and gritty as before, and is perfect for any newcomers, even those not familiar with the wider Yakuza series. It is unfortunate that previous PS4 buyers are not entitled to a free upgrade, which may not make it entirely worthwhile if you fall under that category, unless you’re a big fan and want to see it at its very best.

Skip to the end: A well-crafted graphical upgrade for a gripping murder mystery story arch.

Score: 8/10

Fez. Picture: PA Photo/Handout
Fez. Picture: PA Photo/Handout


Platform: Switch

Genre: Puzzle

Price: £12.59

Age rating: 3+


Fez sound familiar? Originally released on Xbox 360 in 2012, it has finally decided to make the jump onto Nintendo Switch. Not a lot has changed, and we’re glad. The story follows Gomez, a 2D creature living in a 2D world, who stumbled across a fez hat that allows him to see in 3D and is tasked with collecting 32 cubes from various worlds. Its retro visuals, bending mechanics, as well as the mind-bending, clever puzzles, make Fez a perfect fit for the Switch.

Skip to the end: A welcome re-appearance from Fez’s Gomez that still shines beautifully nine years after its original release.

Score: 8/10

World of Demons. Picture: PA Photo/Handout
World of Demons. Picture: PA Photo/Handout

World of Demons

Platform: iOS

Genre: Action

Price: £4.99 per month with Apple Arcade

Age rating: 12+

A hack-and-slash smash

World of Demons explores Japanese folklore, taking on the role of a samurai and their army of yokai minions, in a hack-and-slash mission against evil Oni forces. The visuals are stunningly fitting, taking inspiration from Japanese artwork. Gameplay sees you confront monsters using an array of unique techniques and combo abilities, which are both engaging and challenging as you progress. There are moments where you can get sucked into button mashing, but ultimately you will go further playing with more skill. Beyond the battles and good looks, there is not much else going on.

Skip to the end: A well-developed hack-and-slash title that does well in battle but not much else.

Score: 7/10

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