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GRID.Picture: PA Photo/Handout
GRID.Picture: PA Photo/Handout


Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Genre: Racing

Price: £42.99

A classic race series returns at full throttle

GRID's technical heritage spans more than two decades, right back to

classic PSOne racer TOCA Touring Car Championship, giving the series a

pedigree that few of its rivals can match. But where previous outings

struggled to match hot upstart simulations like Forza Horizon or Project

CARS, this year GRID decisively takes an arcadey line, and is all the

better for it. From earning points for thrilling maneuvers to the new

Nemesis system (where disgruntled AI opponents single you out for

revenge), this is a racer that intensifies the natural excitement of

motorsport, with vibrantly powerful, Burnout-inspired cars that hurtle

along dazzling tracks in edge-of-the-seat pursuits. Progression is

grind-heavy but ultimately this matters little in the heat of GRID's

enormous excitement.

Skip to the end: Fast and furious fun from the veteran racer

Score: 9/10

Cat Quest II.Picture: PA Photo/Handout
Cat Quest II.Picture: PA Photo/Handout

Cat Quest II

Platform: PC, iPad/iPhone, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

Genre: RPG

Price: £12.99

Got the cream

Cat Quest II is the sort of light cartoon action that Netflix kids would

lap right up. In a fantasy world of warring feline and canine kingdoms,

you lead an adolescent brace of rightful kings on a quest to secure

peace. Being able to instantly switch between two characters (the

aforementioned cat and dog rulers-in-waiting) builds on the original's

appeal, enabling offensive options for each skirmish or while delving

into treasure-laden dungeons. But combat is still basic stuff and

enemies vary more in colour scheme than tactical challenge, making Cat

Quest II's minimalist RPG design and handsomely simple visuals feel most

at home on mobile devices. Reviewed on Asus ROG G703GI (i7, 16GB, GTX

1080 asus.com/uk/ROG-Republic-Of-Gamers)

Skip to the end: A charming, warm and straightforwardly simple adventure

Score: 7/10

Green Hell.Picture: PA Photo/Handout
Green Hell.Picture: PA Photo/Handout

Green Hell

Platform: PC

Genre: Survival

Price: £19.99

Stumble in the jungle

Green Hell's choice of suffering is generous. Scour the jungle for your

missing wife in Story mode or simply explore in Survival, but sooner or

later you'll be vomiting because you ate the wrong thing, dying because

you touched the wrong thing, or dead because you did the wrong thing. A

'check your body' feature brings each hideous ailment vividly to life,

but the immersion is stymied by poor interaction with the world, from

robotic character animations to the jarringly inorganic way that trees

disassemble into materials and tools make no tangible contact with the

richly detailed environment. Green Hell fails to create a survivalist

heaven. Reviewed on Asus ROG G703GI (i7, 16GB, GTX 1080


Skip to the end: Atmospherically brutal but an unsatisfying, shallow


Score: 7/10

SUPERHOT.Picture: PA Photo/Handout
SUPERHOT.Picture: PA Photo/Handout


Platform: Switch

Genre: Action

Price: £19.99

Pause for fought

The unique first person slo-mo shootery of SUPERHOT has already lit up

other platforms, but this Switch edition never feels like an

afterthought. For newbies, a run down: SUPERHOT imagines a FPS scenario

where time only moves when you do, enabling you to dodge bullets, line

up perfect shots and overcome otherwise impossible odds. This

time-twisting quirk gives skirmishes a puzzle element that along with

the bare, polygonal style makes SUPERHOT perfect pick-up-and-play

fodder, while your slow, considered assaults on swarming enemies avoids

the fiddly problems presented by the smallsize Joy-Cons in faster paced

games like Doom. Clumsy motion controls can't compete with the

compelling PSVR version, and it's all over too quickly, but SUPERHOT

remains a genuinely moreish classic.

Skip to the end: An unusual, engrossing and stylish shoot-'em-up

Score: 8/10

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