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Balmenach Distillery

Balmenach Distillery's rugged location in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park furnishes Caorunn with the world's finest ingredients for crafting artisan gin.

Crystal clear Scottish water is married with locally foraged botanicals to create a gin of supreme calibre and heritage. Savoured around the world, Caorunn offers the drinks connoisseur the opportunity to embrace a wildly sophisticated gin of unrivalled quality.

The history of Balmenach Distillery is as old as it is acclaimed. One of the first distilleries in Scotland to be licensed in the production of Scotch whisky in 1824, Balmenach has been a byword for excellence for nearly two centuries.

Our handcrafted infusion is created personally by our Gin Master, Simon Buley. Each personally crafted bottle of Caorunn gin begins with the highest quality grain spirit and locally foraged Celtic botanicals. In 1000 litre batches, the spirit is vaporised through the world's only working copper berry chamber.

Built in the 1920s, the chamber is legacy to a time when all gin was produced using this slow, careful process. The uniquely balanced mix is spread across the four perforated trays of the copper berry chamber. The vaporised spirit slowly rises through the chamber, allowing the vapours to be saturated with sumptuous subtle fresh aromas and flavours.

Tours of the distillery are intimate and personal. Guests on the Caorunn Gin Tour will gain an insight into our artisanal production process through a privileged behind-the-scenes look of our production area.

After the guided tour you will then experience the unique opportunity to enjoy a tutored deconstructed nosing and tasting session. Each session features Caorunn's five locally foraged and six traditional botanicals, botanical essences, and a neat sample of Caorunn. The experience then closes with a refreshing Caorunn and tonic with crisp red apple wedges.

Balmenach Distillery
Balmenach Road
PH26 3PF
Tel: 01479 874933

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