Published: 12/06/2018 13:00 - Updated: 13/06/2018 09:33

'The street has no name' - six years on

Written byDonna MacAllister


Ken Gowans
Ken Gowans on the Milton of Leys main road that has never been named.

THE hunt is on for a name for an Inverness street – after a six-year wait.

The road that runs through Milton of Leys has never been named.

Highland Council said it was agreed as far back as 2012 that naming the street "would not be beneficial as it was not providing access to a particular address".

But the council has changed tack after a complaint from the ward’s Non-Aligned Highland councillor Ken Gowans.

He said residents were experiencing difficulties directing delivery drivers and added: "If you had a bad accident on that road how would you identify your position? "That road is a main thoroughfare that goes right the way down Milton of Leys. All the streets branch off it – and it’s not got a name."

Cllr Gowans has sought agreement to ask the local community council to suggest a suitable name.

A council spokeswoman said: "In 2012/13 following a discussion between community services and the corporate address gazetteer team, it was agreed the naming of this street was not beneficial as the street was not providing access to a particular address."

She explained developers only submit a request to register a street if properties take direct access from the street.

But she said streets such as this are no longer omitted from the naming process adding: "We would be happy to receive a new request to name this street in liaison with the community council and elected members, as per the above process."

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