Published: 15/07/2017 19:00 - Updated: 14/07/2017 11:53

'Tell us what you want in Inverness city centre' asks online survey

Written byGregor White

Reinvent the City Centre.RESIDENTS and visitors to Inverness are being asked to share their views as a campaign group builds a head of steam behind its fight for a better city centre.

An online survey by the Inverness City Centre Improvement group is designed to ensure it has concrete evidence to back up its calls for improvement, according to founder Linda Kirkland.

"The idea is to get a proper overview of what most people think and where we should be concentrating our efforts," she said.

"It’s a very simple survey just asking people basic questions about whether they would recommend Inverness as a place to visit, whether they feel safe in the city centre, whether they shop or visit regularly and what would persuade them to visit more often.

"It’s basic stuff and won’t take people very long at all to complete, but it will provide us with an important base to work up from and I would ask anyone who is interested in seeing the city centre made better to take a couple of minutes to complete it if they can."

Inverness City Centre Improvement was formed in May after city resident Mrs Kirkland finally got fed up with the state of the area and issued an appeal online, where she quickly found she was not alone.

The group has already had meetings with both the chairman and manager of Inverness Business Improvement District (Bid) as well as the manager of the Eastgate Shopping Centre.

They were due to meet Highland Council director of development and infrastructure Stuart Black and Inverness city manager David Haas yesterday.

Mrs Kirkland said meetings with city leaders had gone well so far, but the biggest surprise for her was the lack of a "coherent plan" for the area.

"Finding out exactly how the chain of command works has been very complicated," she said. "You go to one person and they are working on their own little bit of something, but then they have to pass you on to someone else to discuss another issue.

"Nobody seems to have control of an overall coherent plan for the area and without that I don’t see how you can make any significant change."

- To complete the survey, go to

- Contact the Inverness City Centre Improvement group through its Facebook page.

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