Published: 14/07/2017 13:00 - Updated: 13/07/2017 13:05

Stranded sisters slam 'awful' Stagecoach service in Inverness

Written byKenny MacDonald

Stagecoach is to reintroduce a bus service to the Inverness Leisure Centre. TWO sisters have hit out at Stagecoach after waiting more than an hour for a bus, with one ending up late for her job as a carer.

Shannon Bain (19) and Hannah Bain-Williamson (23) had been visiting their other sister Jennifer Bain (27), who is recovering from a brain tumour.

But the number two bus from Culloden failed to arrive at the scheduled time in Cradlehall near the business park and sparked panic for Shannon who was due to care for an autistic boy.

She said: “It was disgusting!

“I asked the driver, when he finally arrived at five minutes to four, what had happened and he just said there were traffic problems.

“But we had seen that driver on the bus which went past us on the opposite side of the road going to Culloden and there could not have been traffic problems there, even on a Friday!”

Shannon, of Oldtown Place, Hilton, added: “I am a support worker for Lifeways and I just cannot be late for my work. That’s why we set off early from my elder sister’s place at Cradlehall.

“We had been waiting at a stop across from the business park for the number two bus from Culloden, which is normally there at just after 10 minutes to the hour.

“The bus we caught had actually gone up to Culloden before we caught it and it took him an hour which was disgusting really.

“They just do as they please.

“I was only four or five minutes late in the end for my work and my bosses were fine because the boy I was looking after wasn’t needing medication. So I was going to see him to make him his dinner.

“I had called my office at 3.30pm to let them know about my delay so that they knew the problems I was having getting into the city.”

Meanwhile, Hannah, from Huntly Place, Merkinch, said of the delay: “It was awful.

“There should have been three buses within that space of time and we never even got one.

“We were standing there all that time and with my sister Shannon being a carer, it was really important we got into town for her for work.”

Stagecoach North Scotland apologised to the women and all passengers for the dreadful delays that day which a spokeswoman insisted were down to a traffic jam in the city centre.

She said: “Unfortunately on Friday, June 30 our services operating from Inverness city centre were delayed due to heavy congestion in the city.

“The gridlocked traffic in the city centre had an impact on our services departing the city resulting in journeys running late throughout the afternoon.

“We can only apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused to our customers.

“We are in the process of registering updated timetables for Inverness city centre to account for the delays congestion is causing to our services.

These changes aim to improve the reliability of our timetables for our customers and are due to begin operation on August 14.

“Any improvements in bus priority in Inverness would be of great benefit to keep our services running smoothly at times when the traffic builds up in the city.”

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