Published: 15/04/2018 19:00 - Updated: 13/04/2018 10:50

Resorts are delighted at snow levels

Written byPhilip Murray


The prolonged wintry conditions have been good for Scottish ski resorts.

SKI resorts in the Highlands are hopeful this winter’s spectacular conditions will lead to an economic windfall.

The combined number of skier days reported in the country’s five resorts – including CairnGorm Mountain – has easily surpassed those of the last three seasons.

More than 200,000 days have already been recorded so far this year.

Every £1 spent at a ski area is believed to generate a further £4 "off piste" in local businesses such as accommodation, places to eat and drink, shops and filling stations.

Since season 2009-10, which was the best in recent memory, Scotland’s snowsports areas have hosted more than two million ‘skier days’ which are though to have generated more than £182m for the national economy.

And, with snow volumes meaning good conditions are likely into May, business figures believe the wider economy will be counting the benefit for some time to come.

Chairman of Ski-Scotland, which represents the five resorts, Andy Meldrum, said: "Right from the start of this season we have had brilliant snow and superb support from our customers.

"We have had some of the best bluebird days I’ve ever experienced in Scotland with blue skies, sunshine and fresh powder."

But the snow is likely to remain for much longer than skiers and snowboarders turn out. Andy continued: "Once spring does finally arrive with warm sun and daffodils blooming, people seem to believe there’s no snow left for skiing or snowboarding.

"However, this really is the best time of year to come for a slide in the mountains with a much better chance of good overhead weather.

"It’s also a really good time to learn, when the weather is kinder and slopes quieter. Just don’t forget your sunblock!"

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