Published: 09/07/2017 19:00 - Updated: 07/07/2017 16:06

Morrisons Supermarket in Inverness set to bring back car park fees

Written byKenny MacDonald


Free car parking is coming to an end.
Free car parking is coming to an end.

A FREE car parking bonanza for motorists at Morrisons supermarket is set to end.

The shopping giant had offered three hours free at the Millburn Road store following problems with pay and display machines which were unable to accept the new £1 coin.

Staff slapped notices on the pay machines saying ‘three hours free today’ and taped them over the coin slots.

However, several customers have been peeling back the paper signs to try and pay for parking only to lose their coins without receiving tickets while many city office workers were taking advantage of the move to stay longer.

And shoppers were also using the supermarket car park while heading into other city centre stores.

However, that is to end in about two weeks with revamped machines and the return of parking attendants.

The car park, which has almost 280 spaces, has been at the centre of controversy in the past when a new system was introduced to photograph number plates.

Confused drivers were hit with £85 fines for leaving outwith the three hours even though some had bought tickets from the pay and display machines which were still operating.

One furious pensioner told the Courier after being hit with an £85 penalty: "I got this £85 charge after putting my money in the machine, it’s just criminal.

"The ticket said I had 28 days to pay the £85 and that’s half my pension.

"I went and did some shopping then I met my daughter in the café, but I won’t be going ."

The furious 75-yearold angrily vowed at the time: "I won’t be back there again."

However, Morrisons later agreed to waive the fine after being contacted by the Courier.

Meanwhile, James French, senior PR manager at Morrisons, confirmed the move to the Courier to re-introduce charges and wardens.

He said: "New machines will hopefully be installed in the next two weeks. We also plan to bring back parking attendants soon. The machines have been covered up for around two weeks."

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