Published: 10/08/2017 19:00 - Updated: 10/08/2017 11:55

Fears as vandals strike Inshes Park again

Written byNeil MacPhail


Burnt bench Inshes Park
A table was burned during the attack in Inshes Park.

THERE are fears that mindless vandals have been hiding broken glass among vegetation to set evil traps for unwary younger kids.

Trouble has flared again at Inshes Park in Inverness where early on Tuesday morning the fire brigade and police attended reports of a picnic table being set on fire.

Local member of Highland Council Ken Gowans said: "There seem to be issues around Inshes Park again. Between 5am and 6am on Tuesday morning a couple of youths were seen acting suspiciously in the park.

"Then the broken bottles were found placed under foliage close to the shelter in the park.

"About the same time one of the large picnic tables was set alight.

"Over the past couple of months we have been seeing quite nasty behaviour, quite vicious and malicious.

"It appears there is a posse of kids, though some are young adults, who appear to be hell bent on causing destruction and mayhem there.

"If there is damage and we have to replace equipment then it is money not being spent elsewhere for the good of the community."

Councillor Gowans said it had already been agreed to put in additional lighting to try and deter vandals during the dark night, and now they are set to spend £5000 on security CCTV for the area.

Cllr Gowans added: "We are trying to reassure the public we are doing everything we can to protect what is a family asset, and it is a shame that it is being abused.

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