Published: 07/01/2018 07:00 - Updated: 05/01/2018 08:59

Card skimmers target Loch Ness-side residents in banking fraud

Written byNeil MacPhail

RESIDENTS in a Loch Ness-side village fear they have been targeted in a cash card skimming scam.

People in Drumnadrochit were contacted by their banks over the festive period about attempts to withdraw money using their card details in Mumbai, India.

It is feared that these details may have been stolen while using a local ATM, an offence known as skimming by using electronic equipment.

Orkney man Billy MacLean also warned on social media that his card had been skimmed at an unknown ATM in Inverness recently and his bank, the Bank of Scotland, alerted him that someone had tried to use his card in Mumbai last Saturday.

He said: "The scammers tried hitting me for £119. Thank you Bank of Scotland."

The banks involved with the potential victims in Drumnadrochit stopped the transactions before any theft could be committed, and are investigating.

Resident Laura Mitchell was reported as saying that if Facebook comments were an indication, more than 50 were involved.

Police Scotland said they had been made aware of the attempted fraud.

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