Published: 15/06/2017 13:00 - Updated: 15/06/2017 16:17

Back our petition calling for Inverness car parking firm to show some common sense and cancel your disputed fines

Written byGregor White

Please sign our petition.
Please sign our petition.

THE firm behind Inverness city centre’s most controversial car park should cancel all disputed charges issued since December last year.

That’s the call from the Highland News as we mark six months since the launch of our Stop Taking the P campaign calling for action over the site at Strothers Lane run by Smart Parking.

Since we issued a call for you to share your stories of parking hell we’ve had literally hundreds of people get in touch.

Many have complained about being pursued for up to £160 due to a single-digit error made when entering vehicle registration details at the car park’s ticket machines.

Others have told how they were similarly pursued despite not getting parked at all – they drove in looking for a space and left within minutes once they realised the car park was full. More have said they received a charge for not buying a ticket even when ticket machines didn’t appear to be working.

In almost all cases readers have complained about a lack of sympathy or interest when they tried to appeal.

The bad reputation of this car park is damaging Inverness city centre as a whole as much as Smart Parking itself, with some readers suggesting their bad experience here has made them think twice about visiting the area.

Now the HN is launching an online petition calling for all disputed parking charge notices issued by the company at Strothers Lane since the start of our campaign to be cancelled – as a first step to tackling the problems there, and as a gesture of goodwill.

If you want to see changes at the site you can add your name at

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