Published: 13/10/2017 06:00 - Updated: 09/10/2017 14:40

Pioneering new agency set up in 1965 aims to tackle economic decay in Highlands

IC 200, Inverness Courier


THE newly-formed Highlands and Islands Development Board held its first meeting at its Inverness headquarters in November.

Its aim was to reverse generations of depopulation and economic decay throughout the north of Scotland.

The first regional board in Britain with genuine executive powers, it was chaired by Professor Robert Grieve who said it was starting from scratch and with paper clips as well as 25 letters it had received containing proposals for developments.

The Inverness Courier commented: "Everybody in the Highlands and Islands will agree that it is a far, far better thing that these communications are on paper clips and not in pigeon holes where we are sorry to say so many worthwhile Highland projects have rested in the last half-century."

The Courier went on to note that in recent weeks, some southern newspapers had described Professor Grieve as a Highland overlord or ombudsman.

"Such puerilities, the brainchilds of Sassenach journalists whose papers should have known better than to print them, are both amusing and annoying but Professor Grieve can take heart that in the Highlands there is a far more realistic, and less imaginative, appreciation of the difficult role he has to play in the Highland future," the Courier stated.

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